Top ways Health systems are strategizing the Digital patient acquisition in 2021. Learn why Health systems groups are doubling down on Digital Navigation


1. New Tools for the health consumer

With more and more convenience to make decisions in every other sector, your Patients are looking for similar convenience in making care decisions. They are present digitally, deciding for care, exploring options, and making choices.

An overwhelming 34% increase in digital healthcare consumers means an opportunity for your health system to capture at least 8X more Digitally.

But the OLD WAYS of acquiring patients has EXPIRED!
With less than 5% engagement, navigating and acquiring RATES the older ways like these are not the tools to capture your patient’s attention, understand their needs and match them with your advanced services and make sure they take the care and are experience better than your competition..

OLD ways cannot yield NEW health consumers

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2. Personalization is the Key

Generic Chatbot technologies have fared poor in the sectors apart from healthcare and in healthcare, it had been worse. From close to ZERO engagement to no way for patients to move further these technologies have moved the digital experience for hospitals back to the 90’s.

To meet the expectations of the 2021 consumer, health systems will need to double down on their “digital front door” efforts, enabling patients to handle routine interactions such as scheduling an appointment, paying a medical bill, finding a doctor, renewing a medication, finding answers to health questions, and navigating the health system itself.

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3. Improving the Visibility of your Services Digitally - In context to your patient’s needs

We all spend hours researching big purchases before we’re willing to make an investment. Buying a new car? Need a new laptop? These are purchase decisions that we often invest hours into, scouring the internet, informally polling friends and family, or even paying for a professional’s opinion to guide us in the right direction. 

Making informed healthcare decisions is even more important than finding the right car or laptop. But when care decisions are urgent and need to be made within minutes or hours, we don’t have time to take on days-long research projects to guide us to the right doctor or hospital. Even if we’re simply looking for a new primary care physician, investing hours of time finding the right person can be daunting.
Healthcare brands that are surfacing the right type of PROVIDER, right type of FACILITY etc at the RIGHT TIME in the most convenient way are winning the patients and are bound to retain them in 2021.

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4. New Service lines or more providers, Demands Navigation

With time over the years your health system has added several types or services or micro speciality segments like rehabilitation services, at home services, telemedicine or 100’s of new providers. Matching the patients not only to the right provider but also to the type of care setting based on hundreds of factors relevant to the patient’s current medical needs is essential.

With such complex care routing to be done, merely a form or chatbot method cannot drive the objects of your business. Using an AI technology which can realtime algorithmically calculate the 

Right care pathway to book more consults is the key here.

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Personalised Care Navigation starts here

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