The medical-grade AI triage

Guide your patients to the right level of care using the AI triage platform that predicts the most likely course of care for patients and directs them to top-of-license providers in the right care setting who can treat their medical needs.

Seamlessly integrated into your digital front door entry points and existing EMR systems, the platform covers over 98% of members’ medical inquiries. 

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Built to handle the needs of your health system

Every health system or integrated care delivery network or hospital has built its own network of services from 
Primary care clinics, specialty centres to UR centers, rehab centers, tel consult divisions and ER etc

Triaging and Routing the patients to the right level of care to drive trust in
the health network even before consultation is the key to Praktice AI's platform 

Digitally enabled, elevated brand experience

  • Omnichannel

  • 24x7 Care Navigation & 10X better Digital engagement 

  • Leveraging your existing investments on Apps, websites, EMRs and scheduling systems 

  • Conversational AI

  • Multi-lingual to overcome any language barriers

  • Voice and Chat mechanism to deliver maximum value

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Medically Intelligent and Operationally aware Routing

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  • Medical Need Identification

  • Triaging 

  • Optimized questions (>8 questions to triage completion)

  • Care Setting Navigation - PCP, UR, Speciality, ER

  • Operational Factors

  • Provider Match

  • Availability and booking

  • Navigating to the right care provider in your system

AI powered Platform

Trained on the largest and widest clinical taxonomy from medical conditions, treatments, procedures, tests, vaccinations, symptoms, specialist departments and much more

Triaging algorithms perfected to navigate and optimize the number of questions to less than 8 by over 30,000 clinicians and board-certified physicians

Semantic Lexicon for Medical Language Processing
covering full range of medical and nonmedical intents 

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Advanced intuitive UI making it convenient for patients Customizable to include over 30 different templates 
like temperature, BP, other vitals etc

The only unique platform to address the socioeconomic, food and neighborhood +7 other factors while 
triaging the consumer to the right care option

Both Adult and pediatric triage 
to identify each individual's clinical needs and route accordingly

Results Whitepaper

Learn more how our platform has navigated and driven ROI upwards of 25X 

of patients convert to a clinical encounter

of patients would use again when seeking care

of patients engaged through organic search

AI-Based Population Health ROI Optimization

Turbo-charge care management and population health programs ROI by matching patients with the program most likely to impact them. Focus on patients with risk factors that can be impacted by care management to shift the needle on value-based performance. Create individualized treatment plans for members with the type of care most likely to be effective for them.