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Better patient outcomes
enabled through AI powered Digital 
Front door

Improve performance in value-based care with AI to navigate patients at the right time to the right care

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Simplifying the steps to better health from shopping care to receiving care

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented demand and urgency around the shift to digital content, navigation, and delivery of healthcare. Praktice AI Care Navigation and Intake Modules automate and simplify the whole process

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The AI Digital Front Door Modules

AI powered Patient Access

Praktice AI Patient Access and Navigator guides the patients from the point they are discovering the problem and deciding for care. The suite includes features which autonomously guide the patients personalised to their care needs: ​

  • Learn about health and care options: having symptoms, needing a referral

  • Select a provider

  • Check eligibility, price

  • Schedule an appointment

  • Navigate to a care access point

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Can be enabled on website, apps and patient portals.

Smart Patient Summary Intake - for telemed and in-person care

Conversational AI, dynamic patient summary intake for reducing the complexities in intake, save time for providers to provide outcome driven consultations and care for more number of patients. Includes features like:

  • COVID Risk profiling

  • Patient HOPI intake

  • Updating symptoms and conditions

  • Past reports / prescriptions

  • Drug History

  • Family History etc

  • Seamless flow to EMR

  • Digitized Registration

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Personalised Care Outreach

Conversational AI, which screens patients from time to time to update the providers with the important information on the next care steps for better outcomes.

  • Specific to over 20 specialities

  • Scales the outreach from few patients to thousands in a smart conversational format

  • Improves both the patient engagement and time taken to close the care gaps

Better Care Navigation = Better Outcomes

Lower Costs and better outcomes


  • An engaged patient in deciding for their care

  • Transparency in choosing a care choice best suited for the medical context of the patient

  • Adheres to the care guidelines for better outcomes


Higher PatientSatisfactionRates &Better Care Efficiencies

  • Providers save atleast 48% of their time in documenting and move from getting to know a patient to providing a quality care journey

  • Our AI captures the key elements for diagnosis and outcome improvements helping the care teams accelerate to value based care

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We’re living in the world today of having anything that you want at your fingertips digitally. And we as consumers today are going to choose those opportunities that are easiest to interact with
- CIO at an ACO Organization

Providers from 130 clinics and 120 hospitals are using Praktice AI for their patients

Proven to improve care experience and provider efficiency 

1.2 min


Average time to route to the right care options and booking realtime appointments from 18 min industry average

Of time saved at the consultation (teleconsult and in-person) for the provider to focus on outcome driven care

Patients love
the ease of access
and the value based help in decision making

4.7 ⭐️

Average rating after using praktice AI chat assistant, out of 5.0

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