The Complete Guide to Using Chatbots for your hospital

Engage, convert and navigate care for your
patients at scale.


  • Introduction

  • Why Chatbots

  • The bump in the road in chatbot for healthcare

  • Personalized healthcare is the key

  • The new benchmark



Chatbots have massive potential for successful implementation across the healthcare sector and patients today are taking control of their healthcare choices more than ever before, demanding greater convenience and easy access to information.

3 in 4 people have gone online to find out about a doctor or dentist, and more than 57 % do so regularly. Attracting and retaining patients in this environment requires improving each digital touchpoint for patients, both before and after their visit. 
Chatbots for hospitals are particularly important for:

1.  Improving care access - Booking appointments, service bookings, care management
2. Generate greater topline for hospitals by improved service delivery

3. Automating some of the hospital operations which burden the care teams like     frontline care, follow on care and timely assistance to prevent ER

4. Engage patients where they are: on the web, phone lines or social media


In this guide, you’ll learn how to use chatbots at hospitals to acquire, qualify and convert leads at scale. With its actionable tips and templates, you’ll be able to choose wisely on the first AI Assistant for your hospital from amongst the buzz.