AI medical site search to power healthcare websites

With over 250 trillion health related searches on Google every day, is your healthcare organisation ready to open doors for more patients? Try Praktice's medical AI search bar to power your hospital websites and convert any query into a qualified lead. Medical or Dental Search, lightning-fast setup, secure and reliable.
Medical search

Medical AI Site Search bar 

Artificial intelligence neural net based medical and dental search which understands the patient's layman way of saying their health concerns and identifies their context to deliver amazing search experiences on websites of hospitals


Dental AI Search bar 

To enable search for your dental website which understands the patient's layman way of saying their oral health concerns and identifies their context to deliver amazing search experiences on apps or websites.

A better answer to Build vs. Buy

Medical Search bar

Hospitals have about 300 - 1000 medical words library to get the patients to the right doctor or service or locations.
How about the rest 58 million words?

Our Medical AI search bar understands the most layman way of saying medical problem to navigate and triages the leads or patients on your website to the precise service or doctor or location or diagnostic tests etc.

The All in one AI Site Search for Hospital Websites

Praktice's full suite APIs enable hospitals to provide unique search and doctor or medical services discovery experiences for their patients across all platforms and devices. 

Everything your users search, sends a signal about what they need. decodes that medical intent to deliver the right click to actions.

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Powerful Autocomplete

Autocomplete had led the patient to come at a lightening blaze speed to your website, retain them with the medically relevant autocompletion on your website. 


The triage which engages, converts and understands the urgency. Most of the common symptoms can be treated by more than one specialist


With 8 million conversations so far, the Praktice AI engine autocorrects the typos to adapt the way patients type and navigates care

One bar for multiple conversions

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"Marine drive branch"

identifying the locations of varied centres of your hospital and corresponding actions like directions, doctors in the centres, or services etc


"dad has been advised for cabg, need second opinion"

converting for treatments is a complex process which starts from the first step of understanding the patient's context


"looking for liver health check"

Every hospital has their custom built packages to cater for varied patient groups. Understanding the patient's context to show personalised health checks is the most important step in conversions for health checks


"dr. Naveen, Jumeirah branch"

searching the right doctor, which the patient is looking for, from the hundreds of doctors at your facilities


"doc for gas pain"

patients have unique ways of conveying their medical context, AI trained on 58 million scenarios, understands in a giffy

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"da Vincy trtment"

Medical Technologies like here are difficult for the patients to comprehend and understanding the first search context is crucial for getting the patients to consult

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Enable the medically relevant search experiences for your patients to improve care access and drive more footfall to your centres