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How to Improve the patient experience in 2020

While we are moving from patient satisfaction to patient experience, how can AI be the game changer in delivering personalised patient experience.

1st Jan 2020


AI Driven Digital Front Door of Your Hospital

Making a Digital front door of your healthcare organisation is a quintessential technology for hospitals to drive 24x7 care and have edge over other healthcare organizations.

17th Nov 2019

Say No to Chatbots, what your hospital needs is Medical AI Navigation

Did you think the current day Chatbots as they are looking, are a solution for your hospital's patients? Here's how our team has dig deeper into the chatbot projects and how to make them a success. 


The Digital Patient Experience Improvement Playbook

The boundary between digital and physical keeps getting blurrier, and emerging tech like virtual reality in healthcare and AI-powered Assistants is going mainstream. This is raising the bar for patient experience (PX). Hospitals need to act fast.

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Medical AI solution for driving enhanced care and profitability at Hospitals

With the meteoric rise of healthcare consumerism within the past few years, people like you and me have an unprecedented number of choices of provider and care options, including opting out of care altogether. As a result, creating loyalists in today’s healthcare industry is nearly impossible without the right insight into the wants, needs, and expectations of those we in the healthcare industry hope to serve.


Call Back Later? No thanks. Patients prefer Hospitals who let them Book Realtime Appointments Online

In healthcare still patients need to fill request appointment forms, call to schedule appointment or so. Over 87% patients would like to choose hospitals who let them schedule realtime and provide the convenience of bookings just as other industries.

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Know how we are using AI to enhance profitability and patient experience at leading hospitals.