Call Back Later? No thanks. Patients prefer Hospitals who let them Book Realtime Appointments Online

In healthcare still patients need to fill request appointment forms, call to schedule appointment or so. Over 87% patients would like to choose hospitals who let them schedule realtime and provide the convenience of bookings just as other industries.


  • Introduction

  • Patients are were all online, but your web turned them offline

  • Today’s Favourite: Online Booking

  • Request appointment: the black sheep

  • Converting Request appointment to real time appointment

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Today, the average consumer will schedule transportation services through popular ride-sharing apps, book movie tickets online, and shop on digital retail platforms. This capacity to effortlessly book services and make purchases online has raised consumers’ expectations of healthcare providers. 

Technology has become an inevitable part of our lives today; but many hospitals still require patients to either walk in and wait to see the doctor or telephone the hospitals during operational hours for scheduling an appointment.