Smarter patient acquisition and retention for Practices

Automate providing personalized care
for your new and old patients with Conversational Medical AI

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How it Works for your practice

Praktice AI is easy to plug in extension which intelligently books, screens, automates and assists providers in treating more patients per day. Can be linked on top of Patient management systems, google chrome browser, or EMR. 
Now modernizing and automating better experience for revenues is just a signup away

Can be linked with your websites/email outreaches or directly to your EMR


As a patient looks to book or
books an appointment with your practice

Triggered through:

Email: drops an email for an appointment or
Website forms: request appointment forms
Calls: when a patient calls up your practice or

Outreach: marketing outreach


  • Chat in real-time

  • Personalize every patient's experience

  • Patient interviewing/triage

  • Appointment Booking

  • COVID Screening

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AI that dynamically screens, and completes the intake process

Triggered through:

Post Appointment booking through our chrome plugin or the scheduling system


  • Patient registration

  • Patient summary intake

  • Digital Payments 

  • Contactless check-in

Increase the patients you treat in a day

2. Install our AI Plugin 

3. Go live

Everyone wins with a conversational approach

Better Patient Experience

Give healthcare customers personal touchpoints with your practice through the familiar medium of messaging.

Increase Revenues for your practice

Engage customers at the exact moment they're looking or deciding for care whether on your website or in your app.

Praktice AI helps you build customer relationships through conversational, messenger-based experiences across the patient's care journey


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