Terms and Conditions

Who is Eva?

EVA is the AI assistant designed for Apollo Hospitals by Praktice.ai. Praktice.ai is an Artificial Intelligence Healthcare company with a goal to guide patients seeking medical help or treatment from Apollo Hospitals. This AI assistant’s primary purpose is to allow users to book or manage their appointments or other healthcare services by letting them enter their symptoms, medical conditions or treatment that they are seeking to get done at Apollo Hospitals. This AI service also guides the users over hospital directions, timings or facility related enquiries.

No Content on our platform, is or should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, care, diagnosis or treatment.

Not For Emergencies

Anybody using the services by the AI assistant, Eva must not use this for any medical or psychiatric emergency purpose. In an emergency, you should dial 112 or visit the emergency department at your nearest Apollo Hospitals.

Allowed age group

You must be at least 16 years or older and capable in your country of residence of entering into a legal binding agreement to use Praktice.ai's services in your country of residence.

What can Eva help you with

  • Transaction:  Any appointment booked, rescheduled or cancelled. Or any health checkup service booking, diagnostic tests bookings, vaccination bookings, enquires generated for the hospital staff, online consultations, international patient enquiries,  etc via this AI assistant service is deemed as transaction. For managing the appointments of self, dependant individuals(child/elderly) you may be requested to provide an OTP/UHID to authorize/identify yourself.

  • Conversation: Any chat with the AI assistant resulting or not resulting into a transaction is a conversation.

What is patient support?

The Apollo Hospitals patient support team is available as an extension to the AI assistant services. In cases of certain complex transactions, you may be directed to the Apollo Hospitals patient support team through call or chat.

Can I talk on behalf of others?

We allow you to use the services by AI assistant for additional users (third parties) only if you are a legal guardian of such persons, meaning you have the legal authority to care for the personal and property interests of such person (parents for their children etc.).

What is our Privacy Policy?

We secure your data with the highest form of encryption. To know more about our Privacy Policy, please click

Financial information

If you make any payments on the AI assistant widget, your credit/debit card details are processed directly by a third party processor that may store all payment information and transaction details. We will only retain details of transactions on secure servers and we will not retain your credit or debit card information.

Our Relationship

These Terms of Service and any documents referred to within it (collectively, the ''Terms'') govern your use of Praktice.ai services and your relationship with us. It is important that you read and understand the Terms before you start using our Services. If there is anything that you do not understand, please contact us at care@praktice.ai to discuss what this means for you.

By using Eva, you confirm that you agree with these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms you should not use our Services.

* If you are a patient, please contact your healthcare provider directly. Please do not send any sensitive personal or health information to Praktice.


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