Population Health Solutions for Healthcare Systems

Identified the at-risk and underserved population groups, but what next?

Automate at scale personalized consumer health needs understanding and navigating to the right care resources in your health system network to drive improved patient outcomes at reduced costs

Addressing Health Equity

People of color, low-income people, LGBT people, and other underserved groups experience higher rates of illness and death across a wide range of health conditions, limiting the overall health of the nation. 

Our Care Navigation omnichannel AI technology is built to address the gaps in access, language, guidance, timely care, and the right type of care provider at the right care setting etc by going beyond Identifying the population alone.

Population health leaders at health systems are taking action towards bridging the gap with technology that measures Social Determinants of Health, equitable practices at the point of care etc. Praktice addresses the most critical area of health equity:
Individualizing care for underserved target consumer using Medical NLP, Triage, interviewing and screening algorithms, insurance navigation, and right community care providers and providers in your health system network is seamlessly automated at scale using praktice AI
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Improving Access

Access is one of the critical problems for the underserved population - Praktice AI technology is an omnichannel tool triggered to reach out underserved target population through voice or chat.

Insurance coverage and Financial access

Often times uninsured, unaware of the health resources to reach out to and when, the underserved communities need personalized, scalable tools to match their specific scenarios and the community health resources at hand 

Appointment Flexibility

Matching with the right care providers within the community and health system network to address the needs and allowing one-click booking at convenient time

Available in 38+ Languages our technology addresses the "language as a barrier" for communities at risk. Providing easy to understand UI and conversational messaging to close the gaps
Health Literacy

Health Literacy - the greatest barrier to getting the right type of care at the right time is addressed through our AI medical NLP understanding, triaging, operational AI, and navigation technology. By understanding, matching the population care needs
The right level of care match

Improve personalized referrals to resources and services offered by your health system, third parties, and community-based organizations. You can choose to pair the application with your existing SDoH software to boost engagement in local resources or manage resources directly through Praktice.

Removing transportation barriers to appointments - Our Integrated, Interoperable tool allows the patients to request rides to and from the location (Directly from EMR - like Cerner/Epic), and intelligence couples the appointment venue that offer same-day exams and procedures (i.e., mammography screening and breast biopsy) 

Proactive target population activation

Engage the Healthy

Drive proactive outreach with an AI-driven Medical Screening, Triaging, and Health check platform to drive the coordination, personalization, and continuous improvement of patient dialogue.

Influence the At-Risk

With opportunities available across numerous diseases and millions of patients, Praktice AI enables you to aggressively reach out to the at-risk population to become a trusted guide on their health journey

Manage the Poly-chronic

Engage patients where they live—home. Coordinate your outreach to avoid a communication assault of provider follow-ups and surveys for a discharged patient.

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Building a Digital Twin

Screen the population segments to tap advanced population health data and allowing the existing or potential patients to learn about risk factors and more. 

Triage to right care

From 84K symptoms to medical conditions and treatment needs triage your patient groups and navigate to timely care 34 medical specialties covered - Pediatric and Adult triage

Intuitive UI and Gamification

Praktice AI population health outreach programs are built with 200+ UI elements, 125,000 evidence-based reference sources
and 300+ clinicians over several years to engage the population over a variety of health needs and general check with gamification to promote the highest engagement and completion of interviews

No App downloads, omnichannel access

Removing the barriers to health engagement like downloading, authorizations for basic queries etc. 
Praktice AI is built as an omnichannel 
product can be triggered through Email,
SMS, Phone call, health system apps, websites, social media etc

Meeting the patients where they are

Trigger the AI powered screening, coordination and management technology through Social media posts and campaigns - via Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and web campaigns

Safe, Secure, Private

Praktice encrypts all your patient data, so your information stays private and secure with your health system only

FHIR Login

One click access for health consumers with Advanced FHIR login to access their past health details and add-on to the existing information in the EHR

Granular Advanced Population Data Insights

Rich Data insights - untapped before

As our AI Platform converses and understands through the patient's needs realtime - the data such as the symptoms observed, events triggering the problem, associated medical conditions, the co-relevance to the socioeconomic factors, food habits, medications being taken, the financial relevance, geographic dependence, and 58+ other granular factors are generated with each interaction with the targeted population.

Closing the Loop with ever learning AI

AI platform for navigation is constantly fed back and learns more about each community member to further individualize and navigate the person based on their cultural, medical and other preferences

Unifying with your internal EMR associated population health dashboards

Praktice generates a time to time varying