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The Next generation
Care Interface for 
navigating patients 

The Key Elements to your health system's Digital Frontdoor Strategy
The one that is omnichannel, personalized and ever learning more to get your consumers to the best of the care options at your centres.

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Move to convenient, 24x7 and intelligent care navigation

Every day, there are millions of potential patients who need a new healthcare provider — and multiple health systems vying to convert them. With Praktice AI Health systems have the platform to precision target consumers likely to need care, influence affiliated and non-affiliated providers in their service area, or position the right facilities best suitable for a patient's medical context.


The Intelligent Care Navigation platform

The holistic care navigation from medical to operational and financial navigation to emulate how your staff had been navigating with the power of AI.

Medical Navigation

Operational Navigation

Financial Navigation

Medical Navigation

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37 M

With the proprietary medical algorithms to understand the patient query, multiple intents in the query, triage and probe the patient to understand the medical need better to match with the right care type, provider, or service


  • Triaging and Probing 18000+ Symptoms

  • 8700+ Medical Conditions

  • 6300 + Treatments and procedures interviewing to know the needs, preferences 

  • Largest Clinical Taxonomy, 37 million nodes to our clinical graph

  • Robust Medical Intent classification

  • Typos auto-correction

  • 37 + Languages

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Analyzing 12 million anonymized call centre queries our Data Scientists found that frontline assistance queries can be categorized into thousands of medical intent types some of which are showcased here >

But most digital front door technologies do not handle anything past just some symptoms which is less than 4.8% of the overall queries, making them ineffective. 

With Praktice AI's robust Medical AI patients get guidance 98% of the times maximising the digital self navigation and conversion

Closing Caregaps and generating better ROI with Advanced Analytics and Social Determinants of Health

By capturing data on patient life (including socioeconomic and employment status, environment, etc.) through an engaging AI-powered medical interviewing algorithm, SDOH data generated by Praktice AI gives richer insights into factors impacting the health of your new and existing patients and how it is influencing their choices at your health system than traditional healthcare encounters do—an especially important consideration with complex and underserved populations. 

Operational Navigation

Praktice BI Intelligence layer emulates the way health systems or hospitals typically navigate their patients

Business-driven care decisions considering factors like:


  • Employed and Affiliate provides in your health system 

  • Variations on payer contracts and the reimbursement protocols

  • Locations, care utilization at each location

  • Open schedules + not open schedules of providers 

  • Different care setups and their utilisation rate

  • + 40 other factors

a real-time algorithmic way to make these matches in

such a way that achieve your heathcare organisational goals

Highest value care for each and every patient 24x7/365
And it's one of the reasons Praktice AI's patient satisfaction is 12x the industry average.
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Financial Navigation

Convenient personalized payment outreach, Omnichannel convenient Bill payment method, before appointment Insurance eligibility check, part of prior auth process, and much more to make sure your Revenue Cycle is triggered right from the Digital front door and converting from leads to revenues.

Secure infrastructure built for Healthcare Enterprise
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Encryption of sensitive data 

AI and Named Entity Recognition algorithms automatically identify personal information in customer messages and sanitize it. Praktice AI never stores any PII and is fully HIPAA compliant

Fully HIPAA compliant solution

Enterprise-grade Healthcare Data security, with trusted data center partners with complete ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3, and PCI DSS certifications.


Scalable, Secure Cloud based deployments runs on a secure AWS HIPAA compliant cloud to provide lightning fast speed of patient communication at scale. 

Experience the Autonomous Care Navigation AI platform for  your Healthcare business

Omnichannel healthcare experience
omnichannel healthcare journey which consistently unifyies touchpoints across every interaction -- extending beyond clinical or brick and mortar touchpoints
Integrations readily available with existing systems like EMRs - Epic/Cerner/Athena Health etc, leading provider match portals like Kyruus, Leading clearance houses to maximize the efficiency for your teams and ROI on systems
Ready to Deploy
Praktice AI suite is pre-trained and ready to host the humanizing experiences today’s healthcare customers demand, while intuitively opening doors to deeper customer engagements.
Advanced Insights

Get the deeper insights on the consumer behaviour, spot the most lucrative strategies at a sub-service line and procedure level

Insights for Marketing with Opportunity Analysis provides critical data to compare service lines across different factors such as direct awareness of certain services vs AI assistant based discoverability and visits per patient or providers most searched etc

Data-driven omnichannel campaigns

Build effective, data-driven omnichannel campaigns that drive high-value service line growth, timely intervention, and ongoing preventive care


Accelerate Your Health System's
Digital Frontdoor Strategy with Praktice AI 

Get in touch to enable the AI Patient Management technology for your healthcare organization. Or learn more on how we enabled the AI solutions for our enterprise scale clients within 2 weeks.
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Zero data needed from hospitals 

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Easy plug in for web, apps and phone lines 

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Complete customisation   

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Secure and Easy deployment