Artificial Intelligence driven Patient Navigation & Digital Front Door technology for health systems & medical practices

Create compelling experience for your patients at every touch point, with the medical artificial intelligence technology that has touched over 10 million lives, to enable better outcomes at lower cost

The "Human" element of Care in the Digital Era

From understanding the patient's medical need like a General Physician, to navigating patients throughout their problem to cure journey, Praktice's unique AI brings a human level intelligence and care, to enhance the patient experience while navigating them to the right care.

Technology enabled support for hospitals, practices & providers, during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the leading Digital Health company in enabling an autonomous patient navigation, we're committed to help you navigate through the crisis and serve your patients in the most effective way

Your Digital AI workforce

Praktice becomes your Digital employee to automate majority of your patient navigation and intake process, thereby enabling your workforce to give more attention to the compassionate care

Medically trained

Praktice's AI technology is trained with immense medical knowledge to be able to understand the precise medical need of the patient, and helping them identifying the next care step.
You can skip all those agonizing medical training sessions for your front-office workforce!

Trained to handle your operations

Imagine your best operations admin, handling each patient interaction! That's the level of deep operational expertise that Praktice brings to your patient communication channels on Day 1

EHR & PMS integrated

Praktice AI has built integrators & connectors with all the industry leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management Softwares (PMS), and integration is a breeze
No more stretched out project implementations and integration cycles to enable digital patient engagement

Proven success in increasing virtual and physical care capacity


Patients navigated and counting

​Appointments with doctors, diagnostic tests bookings, health packages, day care procedures bookings, vaccinations, online consultations, making service requests of IPD patients, etc. Our AI helps them all.


Net Promoter Score

Based on the Health system's independent data collected through patient surveys. Interacting with 8 million patients so far the AI assistant profiles the patients realtime to cater to their needs.


improvement in patient navigation

Improving convenience in care navigation and in network provider referrals for Health systems. This has not only improved revenues for hospitals but also saving several manhours in coordinating care.

Leading Healthcare organizations choose Praktice

Praktice AI supports more than 120 hospitals and 150 clinics. Helps providers and health plans thrive in both fee-for-service and value-based care environments by optimizing encounter efficiency, ensuring in-network care continuity, and reducing avoidable utilization.

AI technology to convert transactions into long term relationships

Get in touch to enable the AI Patient Management technology for your healthcare organization. Or learn more on how we enabled the AI solutions for our enterprise scale clients within 2 weeks.
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Zero data needed from hospitals 

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Easy plug in for web, apps and phone lines 

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Complete customisation   

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Secure and Easy deployment