Omnichannel Modern Patient Access

AI-powered virtual assistant for expanding your patient access from majorly call centre driven to multichannel, 24x7, convenient, intelligent and personalized


For patients, scheduling a doctor’s appointment can feel like a step back in time. Now that flights and hotels can be booked at the touch of a button, complex banking transactions can be done 24/7 from the comfort of home, and almost any consumer good can be delivered within days to one’s doorstep, securing a doctor’s appointment is often still a labor-intensive, demanding navigation literacy, low-transparency process with long wait times

Enable the AI-driven Digital Concierge for your health system to scale personalized navigation and access at low cost 

Scheduling convenience

Pre-encounter process automation

Intelligent Navigation

From the point Patient is still deciding for care

Expand the access front door to your health system to the one that is personalized, available 24x7, on any channel chat or voice, and most importantly built with the unique ways your health system functions

From the Medical need understanding symptoms, clinical conditions, treatment procedures, 
Triaging and interviewing. 


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Navigating to the care options available

Identifying the right type of Care Setting (Primary, UR, Speciality, Teleclonsult, rehab clinic and more) based on the urgency of the need, patient preferences location, clinician excellence, day of week/time of day, language, gender +36 more), Insurance eligibility, and  provider match

Operational Intelligence matching these needs and preferences to your system-wide business goals, care optimization, care utilization and visit optimization.

Convenience in Scheduling 

Matched to the needs of the patients, in person or virtual same-day-care options and referrals auto verification plus much more built in to handle most patient scheduling scenarios

Less than 1.5 min from deciding for care to booking an appointment

Empowering your Call centre teams with realtime medically and operationally aware data to make the right care decisions at the right time 


Automating pre-encounter process


New patient registrations or managing the encounter data of the existing patients are automated by our Ready to integrate plugins with EPIC, CERNER, ECLINICAL WORKS, +8 more

Automating Patient Intake dynamically based on the department of scheduling and contactless QR based checkin process

Secure, compliant, certified

Our experienced security team draws on deep experience from the fields of finance, technology, and national security to apply the highest level of protection to healthcare data. Beyond maintaining core compliance standards, our approach proactively targets the top security risks for healthcare providers and prioritizes resiliency, data protection, and transparency.

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Easy to Implement - ZERO Effort from your teams, no IT heavy lifting

Praktice AI omnichannel care navigation service implementation is full-service, streamlined, and designed to complement your existing workflows. Our integration is proven, battle-tested, and requires minimal lift from your IT resources

Results Whitepaper

Learn more how our platform has navigated and driven ROI upwards of 25X 

NPS - patients would use again when seeking care

1.5 min 
from initial query to appointment

Better reach than call centre alone

Improving query resolution rate at the call centre

Experience how your 
healthsystem can meet the patient demands in this age of consumerization