Praktice AI’s Digital COVID Vaccine Assistant is now available on Microsoft AppSource & Azure Marketplace

Praktice AI’s Digital COVID Vaccine Assistant is now available on Microsoft AppSource & Azure Marketplace

Aaron Frager

February 9, 2021, 5:55:44 AM

Praktice AI, a leading provider of Digital Care Navigation technology, has announced the addition of COVID Vaccine Assistant on the Microsoft AppSource & Azure Marketplace. This addition allows health systems or hospitals using Microsoft solutions like Azure Platform, can easily deploy the COVID Vaccine Navigator for their patients on the digital assets with the AI and medical capabilities of Praktice’s care navigation platform complemented by the robust, secure & elastic Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Praktice AI, the AI-powered Digital care navigation company, released the COVID-19 vaccine care navigation tool in December 2020, to help health systems autonomously navigate COVID vaccine seekers through eligibility checks, appointment booking, and post-vaccination support, 24x7. The solution is deployed at various Community care centers, health systems, and physician groups.

As the health systems are inundated with calls related to vaccine inquiries, in some cases 4 - 5 times the usual call volumes, deploying the COVID digital assistant by Praktice has been freeing up the care teams, by automating 80% of these pathways through AI. With the dynamically changing state by state priority groups as well as the vaccine supply influencing when and where a vaccine seeker to be navigated to. That’s not to mention the added foil of a two-dose vaccine, which will require significant patient communication, outreach, and management legwork on the part of providers. This is where the COVID Vaccine module of Praktice ai helps the patients and the providers both by guiding patients through the entire pre- and post-vaccination process, from screening to scheduling and proactive follow-ups, to alert patients about eligibility and monitor potential side effects.

“As managing the current vaccine administration is a once-in-a-century challenge, it’s very essential for health systems to provide convenience in the process by adopting fully plug-and-play care navigation technology,” said Srinath Akula, co-founder, and chief executive officer, Praktice. “Our technology brings an extreme agility to the patient communication at health systems in responding to the dynamically changing vaccination policies from Federal and state governments and guidelines from the CDC & FDA.”

For more information about Praktice’s COVID Vaccine module on Microsoft AppSource, visit

For more information about Praktice’s COVID Vaccine module on Azure Marketplace, visit

The technology is available in 3 modules, with an essential module that can be deployed in a matter of 3 - 4 business days on the digital assets of health systems, as a plug-and-play software subscription. The more advanced modules which include integrations with EHR or CRM systems offer great insights into the demand from various patient groups thereby allowing health systems to plan the whole immunization program effectively.

With a strong natural language processing at its core, Praktice also offers a voice-based solution to autonomously receive and answer inbound calls to the vaccine hotline, and fallback to patient support personnel in case necessary. In the pilot environments, the solution was able to autonomously navigate over 75% of the patients without needing to involve a human in the care navigation.

Further details about this new module can be found here

About Praktice AI provides an AI-powered Care Navigation technology for health systems to guide patients to the right care options, optimize care utilization, enable better care outcomes, and increase revenue. Their unique technology of medical natural language processing, interviewing/triaging, operational intelligence, and a human-driven, empathetic approach integrated with the EMRs allows health systems to solve traditionally complex care issues, ensuring that patients receive the best care experience.

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Praktice Flagship product - Digital Care Navigation
Praktice has one of the most advanced care navigation technologies, that navigates patients through the entire care journey in the health systems, pre, during, and post-consultation. With integrations available to provider match software, EHRs, and CRM solutions, this care navigator does not just reduce operational costs, but also significantly influences patient outcomes by ensuring each step in the care journey is optimized.

Praktice is customizable to any organization’s branding, EHR, digital tools, and clinical endpoints. Praktice ties together all of the digital tools a health system needs in a single interface, creating a seamless patient experience — increasing engagement, trust, and loyalty at each stage of the healthcare journey. Praktice’s unique combination of deep intelligence, physician oversight, and a human-driven, empathetic approach allows health systems to solve traditional complex care issues, ensuring that patients receive the right care, anytime and anywhere.



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