AI Digital Triage and Patient Case Summary

Our unique healthcare technology Platform spans across AI, virtual and physical care.
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Praktice AI is helping to solve an increasing range of healthcare challenges with artificial intelligence.

Our AI has been designed around a doctor’s brain to provide accessible healthcare for millions right on the hospital websites. It can understand and recognise the unique way that humans express their symptoms, treatments, conditions etc. Using this knowledge, combined with a patient’s medical history and current symptoms, it navigates people to the health and care services that best meet their needs

A digital triage tool is software that tells a patient what to do or where to go next in their care pathway Getting to the right care
in the right way – digital triage in health services
Clinical triage is an important part of how health care is delivered as it directs people to the health and care services that best meet their needs. It can help to identify and prioritise the sickest patients, direct people to the most appropriate service, and can save anxiety, time and money by avoiding unnecessary trips to health services.

Optimize patient flow

Find out what kind of care your patient needs, know every patient's profile before they even enter your clinic or hospital system.
Praktice AI navigates the patients to tele-consultations, physical consultations, same day care, urgent medical care, ER, followup care and self care. Accurate triage lets you connect your patients to appropriate medical or insurance services.


An internal study shows that Hospitals attribute using Praktice Digital  Triage to an 24% increase in converting face-to-face visits to tele-consultations.