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A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain patients. Improve patient engagement and Automate generating revenue for your practice

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Automate more appointment bookings

Conversational AI helps your patients in navigating as per their health need, answering the queries prior to appointment booking, converting more leads, and automates scheduling by pluging with your scheduling tool making it easier for your patients to schedule appointments. The AI Medical Chatbot gets triggered via one of these means


Our AI Chat Assistant has been tailored for over 12 specialties, boosting staff efficiency and reducing manual errors. The modern conversational user interface provides an intuitive experience for your patients on any device.

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Customized for your speciality

Pricing -
for practices


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Digital AI Assistant for practices

Healthcare Conversational AI
Available as web chat application
triggered through SMS, phone calls, 

website button, social media link

$340 per month


$290 per month
$1 per appointment booking

*all prices in USD

  • 3 month plan

  • Annual plan


Appointment Booking Chatbot

Bot Triggered through an email signature link and website chatbot


Clinic name and speciality customization

Applicable for single-specialty practices Example, Dr. Martha's Chiro Clinic
Multispeciality practices are charged $80 per specialty* per month 


Basic Triage as per the clinic speciality

Symptom collection, events/onset/frequency, gender, age etc


Medical/Dental NLP (free text) understanding

Understanding symptoms and medical conditions example: I have arthritis


Patient Preferences for Treatment/visit/consult

Only for annual plans - Understanding treatment names and provider names


Lead Capture

Capturing Patient name, email and phone number, age for the clinic/provider


Providers Short Bio Showcase

Upto 2 providers included,  $50 per provider 


Appointment booking/Request intake

As Request or Realtime booking (Integrates with Dr.Chrono, Athena Health)


Integrations with APIs of PMS / Scheduling system (optional)

Available for Dr.Chrono, Athena Health only


Patient summary as email to care teams

To the office or central email of your practice


Safe intake instructions for in-person care

Post Booking, Instructions showcase for in-person safe visit (standard COVID safe instructions)


Integration to EHR

Posting patient summary to clinical notes - available for annual plan only
(Integrates with Dr.Chrono, Athena Health)

Seamless Integration with EMR

Integrates with scheduling systems and EMR to automate the bookings real-time and improve efficiency 

by pushing patient summary data for automating back office work and personalising consultations

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