AI  Health Outreach & engagement campaigns 

Plug your marketing campaigns with conversational medical needs screening and proactive health check for 30+ top medical conditions to navigate your patients to your health system service, providers, and resources personalized to consumer needs  

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Traditional ways of health awareness campaigns involve heavy marketing budget, huge effort in terms of awareness content or videos but yield only 4% of results as footfall to your healthcare centres (the best cases).

This Kidney Awareness Month, try our conversational AI campaign and drive more footfall through service bookings of Nephrology Consultations, procedure awareness and bookings from your digital campaigns.

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Navigate, Convert and Retain your Patients

Ambulatory Nephro, Uro Care Centres

Praktice AI marketing outreach, conversion and omnichannel medically intelligent communication technology helps ambulatory care centres to spread awareness, help patients with the right type of care offering for their health context and convert more.

Specialist Health Systems

Allowing health systems with multiple specialities and excellence of care departments like Nephrology Care, Pro-oncology care etc to navigate the patients through contextual outreach programs,  
convert high value bookings and help patients get back to health

Community care centres

Being the primary channel of referral to speciality nephrology and pro care, engage your community members with context driven, modern convenient interface to assess/screen early, diagnose faster and 
help them get back to health

The Clinical context driven speciality outreach program

  • Awareness in your community for health needs, medical conditions and your speciality offerings

  • Screen the individuals by engaging them in kidney lifestyle based contextual automated chat

  • Allow booking routine checkups for high and moderate risk individuals

  • Allow the patients with existing health disorders to understand your services and consult Nephrologists, urologists etc and primary care physicians in your health system network

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How the AI-Outreach program works

Can be triggered through

  • contextual SMS outreach

  • Email outreach

  • Social media outreach

  • Webpages related of your websites 

  • Phone based outreach program

Patients are proactively engaged in health screening questionaire
or to help manage their existing medical condition
Through a medically driven questionnaire in an intuitive UI interface 
OR patients can also ask queries like:
"looking for kidney stone doctor, or
Nephrolithiasis procedure"

Patients are educated and navigated to your health system's 

  • Providers

  • Facilities

  • Procedures/Services

  • Routine checkups etc

  • through a Secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant chat

Health risk assessment

Designed by medical experts

Our Healthchecks are created by a team of doctors and scientists to help you understand your current and future health needs.

Managing one's health is a lifelong project. Prakitce AI’s health screening tool helps you understand your current health state and how it might change in the future. Complete the interactive questionaire and Health check will provide a health report, so you can take steps toward becoming a healthier you. 

Screening based on

  • Age/Gender, 

  • Demographics, socioeconomic, lifestyle factors

  • Past medical conditions, family history

  • Drugs history  

  • Surgical history,

  • stress factors COVID or non COVID etc

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Customize for your health system services/providers

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Navigate your community members and patients to pcp, speciality appointments with a one click suitable match and access
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  • Top primary care and speciality care providers

  • Most relevant providers skilled in treating the medical needs of the patients

  • Covering all top medical needs for patients


Closest available services

Speciality methods showcase in these centres for patients to understand why they should choose you

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Procedures and treatments convenient booking
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Medical procedures

  • ACL surgery, Dialysis

  • Kidney stone procedures laser

  • Biopsies

  • CKD treatment procedures

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Why Praktice AI contextual clinical outreach programs

  1. Most convenient, modern and intuitive interface

  2. Powered by NLP, medical screening algorithms and provide consumer centric experience

  3. Deeper insights for health teams to help their community and patients

  4. Matching with the right services, providers timely

  5. Improving digital access and revenues without shelling costs on social media campaigns

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Engage your patients like never before

Convert views to footfall

Showcase your top Nephro/Infusion medicine Specialists educatory, treatment  or general health awareness videos via
Praktice's stunning UI on your website to 

engage 4x more patients as compared to the conversational Assistant.

Boost your consultations and service bookings by contextual medical help provided by the 24x7 AI Assistant for your campaigns

Personalisation at its best

Every patient engaging with your content has their own unique needs and care pathway making the one campaign fits all a complete low output expenditure. 
AI engine personalises the patient's medical context 

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Increase patient acquisition with Praktice AI features that drive conversion and allow you to track and measure your health system's digital success.

Our platform not only allows you to capture leads through a medically engaging chat but also track lead source for campaign attribution and ROI tracking.

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Easy plugin with your CMS or CRM and marketing analytics 

We make it easy to get started and manage 

By keeping things simple


Robust Scalable and Secure Cloud base platform

With accessibility in mind, we have made our AI assistant extremely simple and easy to use for your patients to be able to handle millions of chats or calls every second.

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HIPAA Compliant

Our AI and Named Entity Recognition algorithms automatically identify personal information in customer messages and sanitize it and end to end encryption making us a fully HIPAA compliant solution

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Secure data centers


Data in USA (4 regions), with trusted data center partners with complete ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3 and PCI DSS certifications.

Next What?

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