Reducing Healthcare costs with Medical AI

In the Post COVID era, the healthcare costs are increasing and people are looking for convenient care options 24x7.

Navigate your members to the right care at the right time to save costs.


Eliminate unnecessary utilization with appropriate self-care

Molly's 8-year-old daughter has been suffering from a bad cough. He is trying to decide if he needs to take off work to take her to the pediatrician.

Usual ways of helping your members get the the care options virtual or physical lead to :

a) Several times choosing out of network or more expensive but not necessary care options
b) Limited capacity at your providers to treat as many cases 

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Simplify health insurance for your members

Reduce out-of-pocket healthcare spending for your members with right Care Navigation

Your Members are seeking medical care now more than ever and Navigating them to the right option with Medical Intelligence can improve care experience and save costs

Reduce your costs in COVID-19 era


$34 billion to $251 billion bill for coronavirus testing and treatment this year


Increasing premiums between 4% to 40% in 2021, with increasing expectations from members


96 percent saw an increase in telemedicine benefits usage

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AI Health Assistant for your Members

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A digital health assistant that listens to your Members and helps them answer, “what do Ido next"?


Navigate your members to the most convenient and personalised care option available at the most safest facility


Over time, our A.I. begins to model when best to re-engage sick members about a covered service. Collects actionable member insights

Not only provide convenience to your members, but navigate them to in network care providers, enable your providers to manage care for specific patient populations, such as complex chronic care patients, rural patients, or those with mobility issues






Increase utilization of the benefits tools and service the members have in their plans to keep them healthy


In Guiding members to in network high-value benefits, timely primary or speciality care and reduce unnecessary care or delayed care.


Get members to in network care services at the right time, to avoid high cost services or surgeries

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