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If you are a patient, please contact your healthcare provider directly. Please do not send any sensitive personal or health information to Praktice.

AI driven hospital Operations

Only human driven hospital operations cause both burden on the hospital and a bad patient experience. Praktice.ai provides AI driven operations solution to augment the operations to drive more revenue and save operational cost.

AI + your hospital staff = enhanced care

Sarah the AI driven care assistant which automates care navigation, eligibility checks, managing referrals, consultations booking or managing, radiology tests bookings and more. Scaling your hospital operations to treat more patients with the same staff.

The all in one Business Intelligence suite for hospitals

Location intelligence on guiding patients to tertiary or primary care based on the business intelligence

Smart Online consult

Backend system integrations

Capacity based Scheduling 

Smart Doctor patient case match

Location Intelligence

Location intelligence on guiding patients to tertiary or primary care based on the business intelligence

Referral management

Image recognition on Referrals from one doctor to another or one centre to another are needed in specific cases

Business Intelligence

Deep business understanding on the kind of cases each doctor in your hospital takes up and refers to optimize the patient flow called Doctor Preferences

Predictive analytics

Predicting the capacity vs distribution expected 
on various aspects at a particular upcoming day

Post Treatment care

Post treatment discharges need follow on care on symptom check and regular consults 

Contextual intelligence


Deep medical domain understanding of pre or post treatment conversations to guide to Dr. A or Dr. B 

Insurance eligibility

Services availability, occupancy, Doctor availability, urgency and 10 other factors based scheduling
Insurance drives the care navigation of whether patient can be guided to Dr. A or Dr. B
intelligent online consults for those who do not need to visit physically
API less easy integration process or no integrations module

Optimize the revenue cycle

Operational efficiency

Is your hospital running on razor thin margins? We can fix the revenue leakage by 18% more conversion rates. Way more than humanly possible.

$ 1.4 billion annually is being spent by hospital groups to manage the hospital operations. We provide AI solution to scale your operations to cut millions.

Seamless interoperability

Just as any other employee, Sarah gets an email id for the systems you already have in place. Sarah can be trained to use any system simply by mimicking the actions taken by a user within the system to accomplish a task like scheduling, blocking, unblocking slots, checking eligibility etc using Advanced Robotic Process Automation. Or just cc Sarah for getting the things done in your hospital mails or excel sheets.

Advanced medical neural network

Medical Intelligence software which imparts the contextual business intelligence of how a particular patient needs to be directed in the hospital ecosystem. An advanced business flow understanding neural network with over 800 parameters to match the patient's to the right care path pre, between and post consultations.

Out of box compliance and data security

With strict patient authorisations, data anonymization and encryptions praktice has been delivering enterprise scale security and compliance globally for hospitals and healthcare organisations.

How it works ?

Integrations as simple as


Proven results at some of the leading hospitals

Apollo Hospitals is reducing calls to call centers by implementing an intelligent healthcare virtual assistant.
Aster Healthcare is helping patients easily navigate through insurance eligibility, triage symptoms and schedule for nearby care centers.

Are you looking to automate your hospital

operations using medical intelligence?
Get in touch now to see a custom demo of the solution for your healthcare facility.

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