Robots in healthcare are needed for solving operational problems or enhancing care. But did you say "chatbot"? Unfortunately most of them have remained like a marketing gimmik.

What your hospital needs is an intelligent automation of your complex operations so that your staff could perform more and your patients could get the best of the care. 

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How patients interact?

i have sineus issue, want to consult a dr
i came yesterday for the test, can i know if i can meet Dr. Rehma
is my referral valid to meet Dr. Vandana. 
can i directly meet 
Dr. Joel without referral?
my kid is bleeding from the mouth, is this emergency i am worried
my braces wires are poking, want to come over
still pain in my surgery area, can i come tomorrow 
Rhinoplasty surgery
for myself, i am from 

For such speciality needs of your patients your hospital staff had

been trained medically and over your business needs, 
typical "bots" did this:

🤖 bots which fake AI and have no conversational ability

Results of such chatbots are: 🤖

  • no context understanding

  • many drop downs and too many options for patients to scroll or select through