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Compare Chatbots or symptom bots with Praktice AI

Some conversational AI or symptom checkers tend to convolute patient support and navigation, when all they should be doing is automate key patient touchpoints and streamline workflows for all visit types

Praktice's powerful care navigation platform automates all the key patient communication types to get the patients faster to the care they need at your health system

Why switch to Praktice AI


This is Erica, looking for an ACL surgery for her sports injury and comes to your health system by browsing through internet or word of mouth.
She likes to decide for care through online research, checking through the 

information on providers/insurance etc and schedules her appointments as per her own convenience.

Hi, I am looking for a second opinion for acl surgery

Move from "I did not quite get you" to understanding and navigating

your patients

the conversational bots depending on data from your health system to train on have taken forever to prove if they can be of any help. Have not added to the patient experience and rather increased the wait times on phone lines and by wrong navigations

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Your patient helpdesk shouldn’t be just pointing to webpages or portals

leaving it for the patients to figureout for their care themselves. Causing a drop off from your system to others who provide intutive systems in care navigation

The Medically relevant patient-facing Interface that works and adds to your care team's efficiency

Patient communication 

(not a symptom checker alone)

Medical interviewing

Provider Match

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Network intelligence

Care Utilization + Provider Preferences Match

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    Over 90% Accuracy. The only AI care navigation platform that understands over 45 million medical or dental scenarios. With built in business intelligence layer Praktice AI emulates the patients routing to maximize the business goals of your health system



    12x better patient engagment and over 55X ROI in high value lead conversions and operations. Get away with long wait times at call centres and provide realtime guidence to patients 24x7. Get superior care navigation in weeks, not months or years.



    2 Patents for deep neural networking, which allow models to increase accuracy at unprecedented speed and cost.



    State-of-the-art infrastructure supports 100s of workflows for any patient visit types. Process millions of conversations per day with 99.9% availability.



    Flexible and built for change. With VOiCE and Chat modules to cater to pervisit, during consult and post consultation, our products are evolving by each day.

Realtime Scheduling

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+ 58 more advanced features to maximize the patient care experience and your health system's goals

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Treat more patients with AI powered workflow automation
Provide personalised experience and convenience for your patients to get the care your health system has to offer.

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