COVID Vaccine Support Assistant FAQ

What is COVID Vaccination Support Bot?

The world is about to witness or witnesing the largest even vaccination drive in the history of humankind. As health systems, hospitals, community centers, doctor offices, at home care providers and other providers are the lifeline of adminstering the COVID vaccine to the millions of people, managing this whole drive is already proving to be a logistical nightmare for the operational heads of these healthcare organizations. The COVID Vaccination support bot is a free tool that simplifies yet streamlines this process with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

What does it do, and what value does it add to my health system?

It acts as an autonomous patient interface to collect the details of people in your community who are interested to get the vaccine in the first phase or the second/third. Beyond the demographic details, the AI assistant understands other important factors like, whether the person was diagnosed for COVID before, when was the latest COVID Antibody test done, professional factors that help you prioritize and so many more factors. With all these it helps you manage the waitlist, broadcast updates based on changes in schedule or asking patients to come on a specific date, and can even book an appointment.

How does it work? Can I see a demonstration?

It works as a conversational assistant on your patient facing assets. All you need to do is to enable Praktice tag, the way you add a Google Analytics or facebook pixel tag. Depending on your subscription you could also get a dedicated landing page specific to your healthcare organization or region.

In which all channels can I enable this vaccination support bot?

  • Website
  • Email
  • Telephone
Website Once the Praktice tag is added to all the pages of the website, patients can converse with the vaccine support assistant without leaving your website. The appearance would be tailored based on specific locations and to the design language of your website Email You'd be provided a short link dedicated for vaccine support for your organization, which can be included in your email signatures and outbound emails. This conversation would be completely HIPAA compliant Telephone Based on your subscription, you would receive a unified vaccine support number or a region specific vaccine support number, which would be an autonomous voice assistant that not just receives call, but can also make a call to update the vaccination status.

How to enable Vaccination support bot on website?

You'd receive a script like below This needs to be included either in your header or tag manager to enable the bot on the website

Does the bot integrate with my EHR / PMS?

Yes, in paid plans. The Vaccine Support bot integrates with a variety of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) & Practice Management Softwares (PMS) for various elements of the vaccine administrative process - including but not limited to

  • Patient Search
  • New patient chart creation
  • Immunization schedule updation
  • Insurance verification / updation etc.,

How do I send a vaccine update to all the patients in the waitlist?

Using the broadcast option, the update can be sent to all the patients in the waitlist. Depending on the number of patients in the waitlist, within a few minutes each patient would either receive a notification, a message or an email or multiple of those mediums.

How does the waitlist work?


Does it book an appointment?

Yes, depending on the practitioners or nurse providers for whom the schedule is enabled online and is marked to administer covid vaccine, the assistant can book an appointment once the waitlist status is updated

How do I share the consent form with people undergoing vaccine?

Upcoming feature, please talk to us for further details

Is the bot HIPAA compliant?

Yes, the COVID Vaccine assistant is a fully HIPAA compliant solution