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Autonomous PABX calls handling for hospitals

Voice AI solution which understands the patient's medical context to guide to the right service at your hospital. Built for healthcare.

How it works


for appointments call on

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Choose your number

Assign a new number or link to the existing appointment booking number of your hospital or clinic. This number would function as the number to manage your patient requests via Voice AI calls.

Personal meets profitable

Reducing operational workload 

Staffing constraints and traditional methods leaves providers ill-equipped to provide quality care in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Praktice Falcon Voice AI solution is built to convert more leads to patients. The Solution integrates with the landline phone of your healthcare facility to navigate care and answer queries of patients.

Saving cost per patient

Conventional way of handling calls can leave 40% of your patients unattended over telephones. Leading to drop offs, walkins and bad experience.

Our AI solution understands the patient context in a giffy to guide through the operational processes in an advanced UI interface activated through the SMS for the patient to converse at.

Seamless Interoperability

Interacting like a human involves not only understanding the context, but also knowledge of the different systems like insurance, EHRs, Scheduling, Diagnostic etc where the relevant patient transactions needs to be done. 


Our system agnostic AI solution works even with ZERO APIs. Praktice Falcon accesses the tools, systems, already in place using  robotic process automation and provides seamless interoperability to guide the patients intelligently.

And an unparalleled security as our solution is built for healthcare today and forever.
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