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Personalised & Medically Intelligent Hospital Call centre
AI Assistant

The World's only AI assistant for your hospital that understands your patient's context to navigate to the right care path. Using advanced speech recognition technology to power "telephone", the lifeline of your hospital.

Autonomous PABX calls handling for hospitals

Convert your hospital leads on voice call using praktice's voice and text AI solution. For delivering the best of the care irrespective of high wait times, peak hours, after hours and all the times when you would want to ensure the best of the care for your patients or leads.

Voice driven Hybrid solution

Reduce the call overhead time to navigate care faster: Call Overhead includes things like pleasantries, listening through rings and voicemail greetings, and time spent waiting for the other party to find information or formulate responses making it over ~7.8 min of the call majority of the hospital groups (above 100 bedded). Praktice Offers a hybrid Voice call solution for hospitals to start conversations on cheaper text based medium by understanding the patient's context over the call and giving the context based chat links.

Medical AI powered
Healthcare Call Center 

Improve efficiency and consumer satisfaction by speeding up response time (<1 minute) and increasing call routing accuracy (>99%)

Deliver an optimal patient experience by connecting the patient with the right provider at the right time

Deliver Personalised care 24x7, 365 days an year

Optimize hospital operations with automated, real-time eligibility verification, doctor availability and drive increased frontend collections

Help reduce cancellations, rescheduling, patient complaints, and no-shows

Help eliminate costs related to staff attrition and facility space

One powerful medical AI engine, 2 of the best medical voice solutions

Medical Natural Language Processing

Contextual speech recognition

Care navigation

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