Improve Virtual Healthcare adoption with AI

Experience how asynchronous, virtual care helps you serve more patients, exceed expectations, and unburden your clinicians.


Automating the processes between Request Appointment button and Receiving Care online

From the time a patient books or requests appointment online till the delivery of care via online consult the biggest barriers are:

🕛About 45 min - to over a day's Call back time
😫Downloading, retention and use of third party apps or hospital system apps
❎Manual Time taken to coordinate between the doctors and the patients 

🌀Training the care coordination or administrative staff on the steps

🌐Multiple Phone calls between admin staff, IT team, care coordinator, patient etc

⏳Heavy wait times and patient drop-offs

❗️Human dependent generation of links for video consults
⚠️Managing the setup downloads, or app downloads or checking for the connections

📮Missing critical piece of clinical information for the patient's current medical need


All these manual processes, to still have a below par care experience and to have online just as an ALTERNATIVE for Physical consult.

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Transition to Seamless online care

Automate, do more of what matters

Cutting edge technology, so you can focus on delivering great care. Plugin AI on top of any of your current Hospital Video Consult methods or opt for new.

For Health systems or Hospitals

For Health systems

Features that seamlessly blend in your health system's operations

AI powered patient screening

Automated Case History Preparation for Hospital and Doctor, Insurance Eligibility check

Referral Management, Followups,
Transfer of case

Managed teleconsult > Doctor availabilities and patient preferences

Payment gateway redirection or integration for hospital

Smart Patient Preparation to manage the consult time and satisfaction

Digital Hospital Branded Prescription 

EHR integrations and Team notified on case completion

+20 more advanced features

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managed consult.png
patient prep.png

Making the Online Consultation Strategy of your Health system mainstream

Intelligence on where to offer Physical and where online consultation options

Virtual triage and behavioural science in influencing care-seeking behavior

Advanced Analytics to make the Online Consultation strategy of your Hospital Mainstream

The ZERO downloads or installations technology to remove the barriers to adoption

Integrates with EMRs

We sit on top of existing legacy systems to break down data silos
and drive contextual patient interactions


Extremely powerful.
Surprisingly simple.

Trigger fully managed Tele-consult with just an email to your hospital's personal assistant which need not be integrated with any IT systems

praktice telemangement.png

Plug in with your hospital's telephone
system to manage the teleconsultations 

For Hospitals or clinics, Works without any system integrations 

No more of manual call back arrangements,
or coordinations for patient doctor online consults. Automate to take current number of online consults to 4X.


Learn how you can automate
your patient flow today