Safely return your employees to work 

AI-powered health assistant for Screening your employees health and COVID-19 symptoms. To Establish guidelines to ensure the health and safety of the workplace

Reopen Workspace Safely
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Personalized care, for every employee


Helps employees determine they are safe to go to work


HR and co-workers know their colleagues have been screened


Employers feel confident that their workplace is ready to do business

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As businesses plan to get back to work, they need to create a safe environment for returning employees and visitors. Screening people to identify those who may be infected with coronavirus is an important part of any plan to create and maintain a safe workplace.

How it Works?

Employee AI HealthScreening engages employees each workday in a brief automated chat to assess exposure risk to coronavirus and symptoms of COVID-19. Employees can complete the chat on their phone, tablet or computer before they travel to work.

Those who are cleared for the day receive a digital “badge” they can display at access control points, and employers are notified. Employees who are not cleared for work are instructed to stay home, and are provided guidance for self-care, monitoring, testing or additional care.

Employee AI HealthScreening is kept current with continuously changing screening protocols and is designed to accommodate the needs of large organizations.

The Employee medical screenings and health history is available as a single file, activated by a dedicated QR code accessible to the user and the employer.


Praktice's COVID-19 Employee AI HealthScreening is a part of a suite of proven COVID-19 solutions being used by leading healthcare organizations including Fortis Healthcare, Columbia Asia, Apollo Hospitals etc. Over the last two months, these solutions have been shared with millions of individuals providing symptom checking and triage, health monitoring and check-ins with quarantined patients.

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