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In healthcare, deciding what to do is the hardest part. Praktice AI powered employee health assistant navigates to the right care options at the right time.

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Personalized care, for every employee


Helps employees in sickness 


Navigating in-network care and benefit options to check-ins about past ailments


There with your employees at every step of the way to make healthcare simple while saving costs

Help your people use their benefits

Reach employees before they make care decisions, and guide them to the highest quality, lowest cost options.

Increase utilization of the benefits tools and resources you’ve chosen for your employees

Guide employees towards high-value benefits and reduce unnecessary care

Employer Insights:
High-level and detailed user reporting provides valuable, real-time insight across your employee population

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Health navigation, simplified

It’s never been more critical to help them utilize their resources.
Whether working remotely or onsite, people are facing profound disruption and uncertainty that can take a heavy emotional, mental and physical toll. They need a trusted guide who can connect them with the programs that can help – whether virtual health, expert second opinion, diabetes management, assistance or other services. AI to navigate to the best care options to drive high value care and reduce costs. 

Health Coverage
Dental Coverage
Diabetes Management
Vision Coverage
COVID-19 Safety

Praktice's Employee AI HealthScreening is a part of a suite of proven health solutions being used by leading healthcare organizations including Fortis Healthcare, Columbia Asia, Apollo Hospitals etc. 

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