COVID Vaccine Chat Assistant Demo

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, patients are seeking guidance from health systems about what to do and when to seek care.

This video describes how Praktice AI's COVID Vaccine Assistant can autonomously check the eligibility and schedule an appointment based on CDC & State specific guidelines and triage patients to the appropriate care.

Key Medical Tasks Assisted by our AI:

- COVID Vaccine Eligibility check, - Answering queries on COVID vaccine
- Scheduling doses in line with the supply, - Triage and Interview medically to navigate


Just 3 Days to Go live

We know how busy you are, so we made implementing Praktice AI COVAX remarkably simple to get started. Even better, our flexible and friendly API makes it quick and easy to integrate with all of your existing marketing tools from your CRM to your Apps etc.

Go live in days not weeks with the Robust and secure HIPAA compliant COVID Vaccine eligibility screening technology that can handle thousands of calls per second with scalable cloud infrastructure. Available with Query handling module built with standard data from CDC and integrates with the existing CRM platforms.

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