Dental AI powered Site Search to drive truly valuable Patient Experiences

It's time that healthcare delivers the similar experience as retail or travel. Personalising the results tailored to deliver the objective of the patients on your hospital website. Site Search is how you enable them to tailor the experience to their needs, so they can access the right care path, and engage in the process of their care journey.

Features of the Dental AI powered Site Search

Engage your visitors with frictionless experiences. Whether they search or browse, search as you type, typo tolerance, natural language understanding and many more allow for seamless discovery across all your content, no matter where it lives.

As-You-Type patient experience

The old Dental search bar experience 

Federated search and Contextual Medical Understanding

The old hospital search bar experience 

Medical Navigation and Hospital Speciality based suggestion

The old hospital search bar experience 

Your Centre Specific Intelligence

The old hospital search bar experience 

Unified search and navigation across devices

Medical Typo Tolerant

The old hospital search bar experience 

How Leading Dental Hospitals leverage Site Search to drive business outcomes




More patient engagement

Faster Search

Reduction in bounce rate

Plug and Go


Zero Medical Data Trainings needed

In 1 week

Get up and running with your site search


Zero Work from your hospital teams

* If you are a patient, please contact your healthcare provider directly. Please do not send any sensitive personal or health information to Praktice.


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