Acquire more Dental Patients

Dental AI Conversational Assistant to convert more leads, navigate them to right dental services and provide a safe care experience

Hospitals and health insurers are encouraging patients with suspected coronavirus symptoms to digitally triage and have mandated confirmed appointments, rather than coming into the clinics where they might infect others. 

Your current ways of manual phone based appointments or facebook or Healthgrades based appointments may leave your Dental care setting exposed to COVID-19

Know your patients beforehand and their COVID -19 risk to safely manage your dental care setting

Introducing COVID Ready Dental Intake Assistant

Your Clinic's Dental AI Assistant

AI powered dental understanding, be it "tooth ache" or "gum pain" Praktice AI Assistant understands your patients to take in their dental case summary

COVID-19 Assessment for the patient and risk evaluation

Dental Appointment Scheduling on your website or on Google business

Alert to your teams on the patient intake procedure

GPS based patient Checkin 

QR code based contactless patient intake and seamless backend integrations

Reopen your dental practice with confidence

Provide conversational experience for your dental patients

Screen your dental leads or patients for COVID-19 risk 

Capture important intake information ahead of each
dental consult 

Direct at-risk dental patients to the right care setting

Results with Leading Dental Practices and Enterprise

Convert 8x more patients through Google Business and Website traffic

Automate and save over 50 man hours per day per care member

Elevate your patient experience for greater word of mouth 

We got up and running with the dental appointment chatbot within 2 days for all of our dental clinic locations. With no specific marketing, our patients started using the digital bot for getting the services at our clinics.

From the CEO of Dental Clinics Chain in Seattle

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