Attract high value Dental patients

Dental AI powered screening to navigate your patients to the right care setting and safely reopen your practices

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Hospitals and health insurers are encouraging patients with suspected coronavirus symptoms to digitally triage and have made mandatory appointments, rather than coming into the clinics where they might infect others. What are dental clinic's doing?

Your current ways of manual phone based appointments or facebook or Healthgrades based patient intake may leave your Dental care setting exposed to COVID-19

Know your patients beforehand and their COVID -19 risk to safely manage your dental care setting

Your Clinic's Dental AI Assistant

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Dental AI understanding, be it toothache or gum pain Praktice AI Assistant understands your patients to take in their dental case summary

COVID-19 Assessment for the patient and risk evaluation

Appointment Scheduling 

Alert to your teams on the patient intake procedure

GPS based patient Checkin 

Contactless patient intake by integration with your backend system


AI Technology for Dental need Navigation

Screen patients for COVID-19 risk factors

Capture important intake information ahead of each

Direct at-risk patients to the right care setting