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VOiCE AI Assistant 

for COVID-19 Vaccination

Help your patients with the most advanced voice enabled 
self serve COVID Vaccine eligibility and appointment scheduling platform.
ZERO Wait, Improve experienc
e, Automate workflows


Your health system's Medical AI powered
COVID Vaccine Call Center 

Amidst the huge vaccine demand during the largest ever Vaccination drive your patients are facing

hours of hold times, call center crunch and freezing portals causing huge inconvenience and delays to get care access.

Provide an easy to dial 24x7 Natural Voice Recognition based COVID Vaccine Eligibility and Scheduling Access to your patients in the same old - PHONE CALL.
Simple to enable, can be customized as per the vaccine phases and eases out overload by automation throughout the Vaccine Administration program from 2021 Q1 to 2022 mid.


Go live in days not weeks with the Robust and secure HIPAA compliant COVID Vaccine eligibility screening technology that can handle thousands of calls per second with scalable cloud infrastructure. Available with Query handling module built with standard data from CDC.

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Improve efficiency and consumer satisfaction by speeding up response time (<1 minute) and increasing call routing accuracy (>99%)

Deliver an optimal patient experience by connecting the patient with the right service at the right time

Optimize hospital operations with automated, real-time eligibility verification, vaccine availability, appointment bookings and drive increased efficiency

Deliver Personalised care 24x7, 365 days an year

Ready to Plugin

Autopilot speech recognition and NLU engine interprets conversations in the context of COVID Vaccination eligibility check to determine your patient’s intent and navigates them to find our their Phase based eligibility

  • Natural Language understanding

  • State-based COVID Vaccination eligibility check

  • Location check 

  • Vaccination Phase based Eligibility indication to the caller

  • Non-Emergency Usage Disclaimer

  • SMS for Eligible users for Vaccine appointment booking

  • IVR Fallback

  • Answering Frequently asked queries about COVID vaccine with content from CDC, FDA, your health system's and state health department websites authorized sources only

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Easy dial number available for health systems +1 (8XX) COV-VACC 


Available as a

3 Months

6 Months or

Annual package


Secure fast communication powered by cutting edge voice technology


Available in English 
Upcoming languages: Español

  • Instant deployment & activation

  • Upcoming Features like Data insights

  • Dashboard for your teams

  • Upcoming integrations with other phone lines 

  • Unlimited capacity

  • Global Low Latency

  • Customizable as per your health system's needs for COVID Vaccine

Reliable VoIP


Make crystal-clear calls with 100% uptime SLA. Using an advanced cloud architecture and the best in internet protocol technology, Praktice keeps your Health system's business running uninterrupted.

Compatible to be dialed through any phone or landline

Powered by Praktice AI's core technology 

Medical Natural Language Processing

Contextual speech recognition

Care navigation

Seamless transition to Praktice COVAX Chat Assistant 

Eligibility check and Scheduling

Automated Scheduling

  • Pre-qualify patients based on eligibility criteria as vaccine becomes available.

  • Streamline outbound scheduling calls by automating information intake.

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 12.26.31 PM.png
Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 12.26.31 PM.png

Medical Navigation

Automated Engagement

  • Anticipate and capture patient demand by enabling queuing/sign-ups.

  • Keep patients informed with outbound messaging regarding vaccine availability.


Manage Inbound Calls

  • Provide patients with a friendly, faster, self-service alternative to the call center.

  • Decrease call center volume with IVR redirect to virtual assistant.

Outreach Automation - SMS Engagement


Managed Capacity

  • Build and manage pre-qualified list of patients that can be mobilized when eligible.

  • Self-serve FAQs along every step of the journey.


Gain Patient Trust and Loyalty

  • SMS follow up with patients to check on side effects.

  • Proactive booster reminder and scheduling.

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COVID vaccine is round the corner,

Did you start managing your community members or patients for vaccine administration yet?

Use the Praktice AI Vaccine administration Assistant, this is the opportunity for you to build deeper relationships with your community and all with no effort from your end.