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Care Navigation for COVID Vaccine

Praktice AI Vaccine module anticipates patient requests and navigates them while adapting to the changing requirements over the course of COVID vaccination roll-out

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Go live in days not weeks with the Robust and secure HIPAA compliant COVID Vaccine eligibility screening technology that can handle thousands of calls per second with scalable cloud infrastructure. Available with Query handling module built with standard data from CDC and integrates with the existing CRM platforms.

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The Problem?

With the COVID Vaccine being rolled out, health system's care coordination teams and call centres are challenged with the surge of patient requests on whether they are in priority list, their insurance eligibility etc., leading to delays in attending other patients in medical need, leaving sub-optimal experience for few patients and even an excessive operational cost. 

  • Overwhelmed call centers

  • Flu shot related queries

  • 24/7 Influx of COVID Vaccine related inquiries

  • Phase wise Eligibility inquiries

  • Appointment scheduling demands

The Solution

Praktice AI deploys as a white-labeled virtual assistant on provider websites, mobile apps, and patient portals, managing the patient journey from initial inquiry to post-visit follow up.

Praktice AI is available 24/7, to relieve the burden of administrative staff, simplify the research and appointment scheduling for consumers, and keep patients safe.


Patients will be able to:

  • Quickly learn about the vaccine process and options

  • Screen and assess prioritization

  • Book vaccine appointments win line with the supply at your healthsystem

  • Stay in touch with their providers to schedule additional doses and monitor for side effects

The support infra to scale up Vaccine administration

Vaccine Query Handling

Redirect high inbound call volumes to reduce burden on call center staff. 

  • Vaccine FAQs based on CDC, State govt
    Health departments, NEJM etc

  • Eligibility screener

  • IVR redirect to virtual assistant


Administrative support

Collect screening responses to feed into patient management workflows.

  • Automate call center queries on eligibility

  • Queuing patients and SMS driven appointment scheduling for qualified individuals as per the phases

  • Dashboard management of enrolled patient status

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Outreach Automation

Outreach to targeted patient segments.

  • Broadcast SMS

  • Booster reminder/appointment scheduling

  • Side effects monitoring

A fully integrated suite to manage COVID Vaccine related frontline requests and appointments

AI Call Centre for Vaccine Assistant

NLP powered VOICE AI calls for handling COVID Vaccination related calls:


  • Provide ZERO Wait service for your health system's vaccine seekers

  • Check Eligibility through phone calls

  • Easy handoff to your human workforce where needed

  • Automate Vaccine bookings - first and second dose

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Eligibility check and Scheduling

Automated Scheduling

  • Pre-qualify patients based on eligibility criteria as vaccine becomes available.

  • Streamline outbound scheduling calls by automating information intake.

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Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 12.26.31 PM.png

Medical Navigation

Automated Engagement

  • Anticipate and capture patient demand by enabling queuing/sign-ups.

  • Keep patients informed with outbound messaging regarding vaccine availability.


Manage Inbound Calls

  • Provide patients with a friendly, faster, self-service alternative to the call center.

  • Decrease call center volume with IVR redirect to virtual assistant.

Outreach Automation - SMS Engagement


Managed Capacity

  • Build and manage pre-qualified list of patients that can be mobilized when eligible.

  • Self-serve FAQs along every step of the journey.


Gain Patient Trust and Loyalty

  • SMS follow up with patients to check on side effects.

  • Proactive booster reminder and scheduling.

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Vaccine Assistant 

  • Proactive self serve COVID Vaccine related support

  • Available on health system Website or microsite of the website dedicated for vaccine-related queries

  • Insurance elegibility check

  • Messages are HIPAA compliant and completely encrypted

EMR Integration

Complete integration to the Vaccine APIs of top EMRs like Epic, Cerner, Athena Health, eclinical works, NExtgen, drchrono +5 more.

Fetch the patient data realtime, update Vaccine data to EMR

Advanced Vaccine navigation

  • Age, demographics, eligibility Location Intelligence in Vaccine administration appointment navigation

  • COVID related symptoms screening

  • Patient data capture

  • Waitlist or queuing option

  • Proactive followup for vaccine 

  • EMR Integration

  • Available on health system Website or microsite of the website dedicated for vaccine-related queries

  • Linked with the COVID vaccine Phone line to provide a phone based support


Designed for health organizations

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Health systems

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Community care

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Provider offices




Government COVID facilities

We make it easy to get started

By keeping things simple



With accessibility in mind, we have made COVID Vaccine assistant extremely simple and easy to use for your patients.

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HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH compliant: We meet worldwide security requirements.

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All individual providers get a free Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with COVID Vaccine assistant. Sign up for free to download your BAA.

COVID vaccine is round the corner,

Did you start managing your community members or patients for vaccine administration yet?

Use the Praktice AI Vaccine administration Assistant, this is the opportunity for you to build deeper relationships with your community and all with no effort from your end.