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Recoup your practice

Volumes with AI

Use the power of AI to screen all your appointments, COVID risk profiling, notifying high risk cases and increase revenues safely.


AI Screening for Regaining patient confidence and consultations volume

With the resurgence of COVID cases, the patients are still contemplating taking any consultations or medical procedures

The current manual ways of calling patients, taking in COVID history, missing some screenings due to missed calls, usage of PPE is all costing lot to the practices

The solution for Practices to
regain back their in-person cosnsults is 

Digital AI COVID -19 Screening for scheduled appointments

Praktice's COVID-19 Virtual Triage supports clinical efforts to pre-screen ambulatory patients, contain novel coronavirus, and provide remote care for at-risk individuals

  • Screen Scheduled patients

  • Document patient's Flu or COVID related symptoms

  • Send Alerts to your team through your scheduling system and EMR


The AI COVID Screening tool is based on WHO and CDC guidelines on the risk assessment criteria for patients of different age groups and demographics


One Click enablement

Praktice AI is already linked with leading practice management systems and EHRs EHR like Modernizing Medicine, DrChrono, Care Cloud, Nextgen, EClinical works, Athena health etc
to keep everyone in your team in line with the automated work done, share patient data and streamline workflows for your staff.


I would recommend the Praktice AI COVID Screening tool to provider practices. It was easy to set up in just 3 days and we went live without any glitch. We are able to screen all our appointments prior hand autonomously and provide a safe practice.- Dr. Terry RossOrthopedic Surgeon, TX

Safely navigating patients 

Spend more of your time on what matters: caring for your patients

Built to give patients more convenience in every care setting


Automated Appointment bookings


Hours saved per quarter
by workflow automation


ROI from your patients who are pre screened and routed correctly for in-person or online care

Attract more patients.
Treat more patients with AI powered workflow automation
Provide personalised experience and boost reputation.

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