Announcement: Coronavirus Screening Module

Late Feb 2020, Praktice team has launched the World's First Digital Screening for support with preventive care, risk assessment, and navigation. While helping the providers, hospital staff prepare for the intake of affected patients as they prepare and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

With our advanced AI system's Natural language processing , medical triaging and data science abilities we believe Praktice is uniquely positioned to help people, hospitals and government in the times of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Copright covid and

How can Praktice help? has launched the Coronavirus Screening and Online consult Module, based on the latest CDC guidelines, updated every day, including an expanded list of affected geographic areas with widespread or sustained community transmission as well as guidance for asymptomatic but at-risk patients.

If you are an active user of Praktice modules, these updates are in addition to the general pushes. Our screening module is available to all clients at no charge as part of our Annual projects. 


Queries on platforms on flu, Influenza, common cold and Coronavirus queries everyday

9,000 hours

Provider time saved


Smart Escalations


The AI powered Digital Screening allows:


  1. Faster screening and community-based monitoring without requiring physician time

  2. Screen themselves for the most prone factors, their symptoms, understand their vulnerability

  3. Triage their health:
    For the less likely customers: Take preventative measures
    While for the at risk cases: It provides guidance in the measures to take to help them prevent further spread before the care


  4. Help your staff in preparing for the intake of such patients

    - With appropriate measure and know beforehand the whereabouts of the patient,

    - Understand who is a more susceptible case - to share with the respective care centres

  5. Monitor the condition of the Respiratory medical condition cases who have been diagnosed with seasonal flu or suspect cases of COVID-19 

    - Automated daily symptom check-ins with the patient
    - Automatic alerts to Hospital staff that identify risk and deterioration


  6. Vaccines: this is a time when several patients are looking out for FLU SHOTS, letting the patients know on the stock availability and appointments for the flu shot

risk assessment guidance.png

How do we implement this?

At its simplest, we provide a simple tag to deploy on your hospital or healthcare organization website to triage, monitor and engage the patient. Our AI powered system collects the leads based on their susceptibility low, moderate or high and directs to your health team.

How quickly can this be scaled up?

The moment your team adds the website tag, it is up and running. This AI tool is already being used at Leading healthcare organizations and is able to screen thousands to help your hospital 
navigate the patients.

Can we schedule a call?

If we can help in any way in this incredibly challenging time, please email to schedule a call.

We have not subscribed to Praktice AI products, can we have this COVID -19 Screening Module? 

Yes, we are providing the COVID-19 Screening module to all the health organizations for a limited period. This is a standalone Module
which directs the leads and patients to your specified care team by screening them digitally.

About Patient Identifiable Information applications use ​Military Grade encryption technologies to safeguard the PII (patient identifiable information). The leads collected on the website are encrypted and only decrypted to the authorised personnel of the hospital.

Do we need to integrate our systems or Data?

The COVID -19 Module for new clients is a standalone product and needs no integrations or no data assimilations etc. The AI powered Triaging tool by Praktice has been built on clinical guidelines and latest data from CDC and WHO. This is not a medical advice replacement from a doctor, but  an online screening tool to navigate the patients enquiring about the outbreak of coronavirus while helping the hospital staff in aiding with the operational processes of handling such calls or preparing for the intake.


Improve patient experience


Drive better patient outcomes