A multispeciality integrated care health system treating 7 Million patients annually - increases digital autonomous navigations and care utilization rate with Praktice AI

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Multispeciality centers, community care clinics, urgent care, at-home care and telemedicine.  

" Even with the current technology like patient portals and find doctor tools still the digital overall scheduling rate was quite less. 
We were looking for a personalization engine which not only attracts potential patients, but serves their purpose of finding the highest value care options and we saw a 34% increase in the Digital self navigation rate. This has added quite a lot on the revenue stream from the marketing perspective 
- Dr. Sean Matthews
Chief Digital Marketing Officer

HCM Healthcare


Columbia Hospital is a large 1000 bedded health system with 3000 medical providers. Running completely on call centre based appointments, the organization wanted to expand patient access and improve digital conversions. But building technology with a human level of intelligence in navigating involved huge cost, time, and efforts from their IT, Marketing, and clinical teams.  The Digital Marketing team came across Praktice.


Within weeks of starting to work with Praktice AI, Columbia Health Center was up and running with an AI-Powered Assistant, serving 24x7 to scale the support operations to get more patients to know about his services, the patient outcomes, the advanced care methods he offers and booked 3x more appointments and service that Dr. Gottlieb describes as “absolutely amazing.


proved to be a successful AI workforce partner in just 22 days, enabling strong results including:


Increase in confirmed appointments


Increase in potential patients details capture

$1500 saved per day

On operations for patient navigation, booking and 


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