Challenge: The multi-speciality provider group was faced with the challenge of increased call centre volumes, heavy wait times and lower than target care utilization.
Being one of the busy speciality centres of Texas, the health system's call centres and frontline care teams
used to get a lot of speciality care related queries like:
Want a second opinion with a thoracic surgeon
Do you have knee replacement surgeon available at your centre
I have BCBS PPO plan, need to meet a Pediatric endocrinologist
My son has asthma issues need to meet a specialist

Several times, the call centre teams had to transfer the call to multiple departments ranging from the speciality department to insurance eligibility teams etc adding to an average of 18 min for query resolution. And yet not necessarily every patient who was enquiring was making a service booking on the call or visiting the provider immediately.
Making the first response and query handling one of the key decision making aspects in deciding for care.

The Digital Patient Experience team decided to take a Digital First Smart self-serve approach to the care navigation and access to improve the patient experience.

Speciality Care Health System

Solution: Within weeks of starting to work with Praktice AI, The Health Center's digital assets were up and running with an AI-Powered Assistant, serving 24x7 to scale the support operations to get more patients to know about his services, the patient outcomes at their health system for specific treatment types and , the advanced care methods they offer and moved 14% more appointments to digital self scheduling in 3 months.

Integrations: With Cerner EMR


A 1200 bedded, multi speciality health system increases the digital scheduling by 34% (as compared to industry standards of 4%).

2200 providers

Speciality Care Health System

Results with Praktice AI

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