Challenge: The medical group was relying on manual ways to make or confirm appointments, was loosing on several potential leads with the needs of answering patient queries and with wanted to move to digital ways with the increasing patient demand in convenient care managemnt options. They were looking for automated ways to improve the care guidence, to attract more patients, convert more leads to patients and provider 24x7 operational support.

Irving based provider group

Solution: The medical group's digital access team had implemented a live chat which had some canned responses which were all mostly non clinical answers helping less than 2% of the times, or links to pages on their website or apps most usually causing drop in engagement. They were looking for automation in the main clinical area, which involved understanding patient's need answering, engaging and navigation based on the sophisticated medical queries patients usually ask. They were introduced to Praktice AI through a Venture Capital firm and wanted to implement the product for their medical group

Integrations: With Athenahealth Scheduling system


Improved Digital appointment bookings with AI Assistant for provider scheduling

39 providers Medical Group

Irving based provider group

Results with Praktice AI

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