Challenge: Integrated care health system had several care methods like urgent care, home care, telemedicine, pharmacy facilities and wanted to increase the digital awareness, navigation and conversion for each of these facilities and improve the care utilization to drive revenues. With just 4.5% digital appointment booking the call centre was most times busy, wait times reaching on an average ~7 min and the biggest problem was patients wee to be transferred on an average 2 times to be able to get their care service booking or query resolved causing the average times 20 min for a consultation or procedure booking. They needed a better way to navigate patients to the preferred care provider or service. Which can reduce the human dependence, manage more patient volumes, reduce multiple transfers and save time and operational costs.

Integrated provider network

Journey to the solution: The medical group's digital access team had implemented a chatbot which had some canned responses mostly FAQ's, non clinical answers handling less than 2.5% of the queries, the bot also used to take patients to links of internal pages on their website or apps most usually causing drop in engagement and no reduction in phone volumes. They were looking for automation in clinical query handling, which involved understanding patient's need answering, navigation through their operational processes, insurance reimbursement protocols tied with varied clinics and provider types - all based on the sophisticated medical queries patients usually ask. They got in touch with Praktice AI's technology to implement the product for their health system.

Integrations: With Epic - Scheduling and EMR, Provider Match Portal


Integrated care health system increased the digital conversions by 12X and millions in incremental revenues with Praktice AI

4800 providers

Integrated provider network

Results with Praktice AI

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