Challenge: The community care and urgent care facility was challenged by calls many of which were not necessarily for making a consultation booking, but queries on the providers, whether care is needed now, the type fo provider, insurance related, followups and several others. They wanted a better way to navigate these potential patients with a self serve yet, smart mechanism to handle the medical or clinically relevant queries and engage them to point to the right primary care provider based on the various dynamics of a specific individual timely, all to improve outcomes with right navigation.

Community care centres + Urgent care

Journey to the solution: The digital transformation manager looked out for easily implementable solution which had provided ready plugin with the EMR and Scheduling systems. When the care organization got in touch with Praktice AI's technology they realized, there is a solution to mimic the way their operations and business processes run to route patients. The solution was launched in just 6 weeks and without a learning curve patients were using the product. Within 6 months, Praktice AI Care navigation bot was one of the primary channels of patient intake alongside the call centre.

Integrations: With Epic - Scheduling and EMR, Provider Match Portal


Community care centre with PCP and speciality primary care services improved the care navigation between the various primary care services to navigate patients timely and improve the care outcomes. And automate the frontline operations.

5 Urgent Care Centres + 23 community clinics

Community care centres + Urgent care

Results with Praktice AI

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