Challenge: The Cardiology surgical care facility was challenged by Referral leakage causing loss in revenue and increased wait times for getting consultations. Was seeking a better way to navigate patients to reduce the revenue loss.

Cardiology Multi-Disciplinary Care System

Journey to finding solution: The Cardiology care Center's digital transformation team was looking for technology which was flexible to customize for their care facilities specilization and also at the same time not having to spend time, the data and IT teams to implement the solution. They came across Praktice AI's solution which was a suite of offerings for their speciality's needs they could choose some of the modules suitable for their needs to go live in weeks instead of months or years.

Integrations: With Epic - Scheduling and EMR, Provider Match Portal


A Cardiology only speciality care group increases the care utilization of providers and facilities both by 28% in just 4 months by AI driven care navigation for their patients

175 providers, Cardiac Multi-disciplinary centre

Cardiology Multi-Disciplinary Care System

Results with Praktice AI

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