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Case Study:
Dermatology Practice Doubles Appointments
for high value treatments

Practice size: 3 Board Certified Dermatologists

Specialty: Dermatology and Plastic surgery 

Location: NYC
Mode of service: Phones, social media,

emails, website

Service: 24x7 autonomous


“Never before have we served 90% of the potential skincare patients. Most patients lookout for digital means as the first port of call to interact with my practice. The AI chat is a quick and smart way to enable real-time support and appointment bookings
                                       - Dr. Terry

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Dr. Terry broke away from a medical group to “set up more of an individual-focused practice,” she explains. But building a patient base in the competitive New York market is an uphill battle. His previous group used a costly app and website service that couldn’t deliver results.


Within 8 days of selecting Praktice AI, Dr. Terry's Dermatology Center was up and running with an AI-Powered Assistant within 8 days of signup, serving 24x7 to scale the support operations to get more patients to know about his services, the patient outcomes, the advanced care methods she offers and booked 3x more appointments and services that Dr. Terry describes as “absolutely amazing.


Since bringing Praktice AI into the practice, Dr. Terry is seeing a 3x increase in the patients' both her new patients' appointment bookings and requests  – and she’s happy with her decision. “I looked at some automated services for better patient support, once I was heading out on my own,” she explains. “Praktice AI was the best fit for me as it is completely medically oriented and trained. Unlike FAQ bots which just are used for answering directions, opening hours
with very low usage and effectiveness.


Increase in confirmed appointments


Increase in potential patients details capture

$1500 saved per day

On operations for patient navigation, booking and 


Covering over 28000 Dermatology symptoms, conditions and treatments

Maximum dermatology context ever seen in a chatbot.

Take a product tour and see how the AI Assistant can be the 24x7 smart workforce for your practice