Insurance Care Navigation to acquire and convert leads

AI powered Care Navigation Suite

Incremental revenues through digital scheduling with the right care provider or service at the right time. Linked to your patient management system, EHR and CRM.

  • Understanding the Medical Care need - treatment preferences, symptoms, medical conditions, vaccine, follow up queries +28 more clinical taxonomies

  • Smart patient interviewing 

  • Medical Triaging and case probing

  • Carestep guidance - ER, UC, Tele, Radiology/Diagnostics or in person doctor office

  • Care Utilization factors including the tertiary care providers, facilities, advanced therapies, diagnostic or radiology utilization etc

  • Provider Match based on 56+ factors

  • Insurance eligibility or policy copay check

  • Price range indication based on the personal medical need of the patient

  • Linking open scheduling and not opened schedules of providers in your network 

  • Scheduling system, insurance eligibility and EMR integration

  • Realtime Appointment Scheduling & Patient registration for new patients while updating visit data for existing ones