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Drive Revenue for your practice with AI

Use the power of AI to automate your scheduling, COVID risk profiling, documenting patient summary and intakes.

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AI modules for greater automation and flexibility

Digital AI COVID -19 Screening for scheduled appointments

Praktice's COVID-19 Virtual Triage supports clinical efforts to pre-screen ambulatory patients, contain novel coronavirus, and provide remote care for at-risk individuals

  • Screen Scheduled patients

  • Document patient's Flu or COVID related symptoms

  • Send Alerts to your team


Contactless Patient Intake - for practices

Move from registering patients with a clipboard, paper forms, a pen, a physical signature and queues with Smart Contactless patient intake technology enabled through smart QR.

  • Digitize the patient registrations for walk-ins and scheduled appointments

  • Seamless data flow into the registration systems 

  • Save provider time with patient summary intake

  • Risk profile the patient for better treatment protocols and routing online and in person care



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AI Receptionist for your practice

Automate digital scheduling, online appointment registration,  insurance and photo ID upload to payment collection. Linked to your patient management system, EHR and CRM.

  • Schedule appointments through AI powered bot on phone or your website

  • Screen patients for COVID-19 for right care routing online or in person

  • Complete patient registration and patient medical summary

  • Semless data flow into your patient management system, EHR and CRM

  • Check-in for patients

  • Personalised patient experience


One Click enablement

Praktice AI is already linked with leading practice management systems and EHRs EHR like DrChrono, Care Cloud, Nextgen, EClinical works, Athena health etc
to keep everyone in your team in line with the automated work done, share patient data and streamline workflows for your staff.


Spend more of your time on what matters: caring for your patients

Built to give patients more convenience in every care setting


Automated Appointment bookings


Hours saved per quarter
by workflow automation


ROI from your patients who are pre screened and routed correctly for in-person or online care

Attract more patients.
Treat more patients with AI powered workflow automation
Provide personalised experience and boost reputation.

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