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Turn healthcare shoppers into your patients

With Praktice AI, helping patients find a provider or right service is just the beginning. Our Care Navigation solution supports your team with features and use cases that go beyond website navigation. From lead generation to messaging amplification - we have you covered.


Your patients or health consumers spend hours researching big purchases before they’re willing to make an investment like buying a new car or a laptop. These are purchase decisions that they often invest hours into, scouring the internet, informally polling friends and family, or even paying for a professional’s opinion to guide us in the right direction. 

Making informed healthcare decisions is driving the patients more than it is for their car or laptop. Increasing the research time and volumes by 7X in 2020 alone.
It's been strategically important for Digital Transformation and marketing leaders to matchup to the retail-like experience with personalization as the essential element to drive business.

of patients in 2021 believe being able to make an informed decision on the HealthSystem website is critical for seeking care at the health system

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Increase patient acquisition with Praktice AI features that drive conversion and allow you to track and measure your health system's digital success.

Our platform not only allows you to capture leads through a medically engaging chat but also track lead source for campaign attribution and ROI tracking.

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Lead Generation with AI-powered Personalized guidance

Brand Customization

Your brand is important. That’s why we built the Guide platform with advanced customization features that allow you to tailor the chat to compliment your system’s branding. It looks, feels, and sounds like you, because it’s designed for you.

Check eligibility in the context of the medical need


Your patient's most common questions answered — without playing phone tag

Message Amplification

In healthcare, communicating the right message at the right time is crucial. Whether you need to quickly disseminate an urgent announcement or simply promote a new service, Praktice AI’s conversational format engages site visitors and amplifies your messages in real-time.

Impress Patients With a Seamless Digital Experience

Monetize your website by enabling in-network consumer shopping by price, quality, availability, and patient satisfaction rankings for all in-network providers offering a chosen service. 


  • Empower patients to schedule their own appointments via integration with your existing scheduling system. Praktice ai integrates with all relevant hospital systems, such as your ADT, EHR, EDIS, and RIS.

  • Confirm the scheduled appointment with automated follow-up messaging. Reduce cancellations and no-shows by automating the scheduling and payment process up-front.

  • Improve your patients’ overall care experience by removing the barriers to finding and scheduling care. Reduce frustration with appointment wait-times by inviting patient self-scheduling.

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Integrated Self-Scheduling

Advanced insights for Marketing with Opportunity Analysis

Consumer Insights

What are your site visitors looking for? Simply ask them. While standard website analytics tools only tell you a part of the story, Guide allows you to view and understand consumer intent in order to deliver the information and experience they want and need. ​

Compare service lines


across different factors such as direct awareness of certain services vs AI assistant based discoverability and visits per patient or providers most searched etc

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Delve into the volume


and characteristics of patients and prospects for a particular service line or category

Build effective,


data-driven omnichannel campaigns that drive high-value service line growth, timely intervention, and ongoing preventive care

Our Results

Patient Care Navigation:

digital conversion rates north of 34% as compared to the traditional 4-5% conversions through find a doctor or patient portals or chatbox 

Incremental Revenues

Millions in untapped revenues being recovered for health systems and saving costs in care coordination — including those 65 and older who may not typically think of themselves as digitally-savvy

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We make it easy to get started

By keeping things simple


Robust Scalable and Secure Cloud based platform

With accessibility in mind, we have made our AI assistant extremely simple and easy to use for your patients to be able to handle millions of chats or calls every second.

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HIPAA Compliant

Our AI and Named Entity Recognition algorithms automatically identify personal information in customer messages and sanitize it and end to end encryption making us a fully HIPAA compliant solution

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Secure data centers


Data in USA (4 regions), with trusted data center partners with complete ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3 and PCI DSS certifications.

No Data Intakes needed


Unlike bot companies which depend on data scraping only, our AI suite is pre-built to provide intelligent navigations from day 1

Fastest-improving platform

We release hundreds of features and improvements each year to help you stay ahead of industry shifts. 

No Diagnosis


Not a Diagnosing Algorithm

Nor a self care advice platform

No PII intake


while providing appropriate navigation to the patients and dramatically increasing engagement

Tested with patients and providers


Used by 2.8 Million patients, rigorous testing on provider match based on patient preferences and provider preferences

Attract more patients.
Treat more patients with AI powered workflow automation
Provide personalised experience and boost reputation.

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