AI Powered Call Center Can Help You Achieve Your Financial Objectives

The performance and efficiency of your Patient Access staff can have a dramatic impact on your top line as well as the bottom line. It is hard to overestimate the value of facilitating patient access to your services, making the right match to the speciality or primary care services, validating coverage to prevent denials, improving front-end collections, and assisting with the  financial goals of your healthcare centres.

But what happens when your call volume exceeds staffing, or department processes aren’t up to par? You’ll likely see more no-shows and referral leakage, increased claim denials, physician workload imbalances, and less-than- stellar patient and provider satisfaction.

Two Options

Hospitals, health systems, and large practice groups often have two options to deal
with increased call volume and/or sub-par performance: expand the phone system and continually increase staff/training, or consider investing in a third-party call center.

If you’re considering the latter route, make sure you do your homework. You’ll want a call

center that genuinely functions as an extension of your Patient Access team – customers should not be able to detect a difference in knowledge or service between the two. As you weigh your options:

  • Beware of ONLY IVR powered call systems – they can test customers’ patience with several clicks anywhere from a one-to-five-minute phone tree navigation and/or on-hold delay.

  • Evaluate third-party call centers carefully - If the call center is serving multiple industries, it’s doubtful staff will provide the level of customization you need; likewise, if the call center is focused on one specialized area – such as scheduling – it will only be able to assist with a portion of call volume.


What if you had a better option than these these? 

A dedicated Automated healthcare call center may best meet your needs. Consider your financial objectives as you evaluate prospective solutions; our chart may help you during the assessment process.

Serve customers better with Healthcare specific AI that talks, understands, and interacts

Deliver exceptional customer service with Praktice Healthcare Contact Center AI, artificial intelligence that converses naturally with your healthcare customers and expertly navigates them to the right care options. The result? Increased operational efficiency and personalized, intuitive customer care from the first “Hello,” all while seamlessly integrating with existing contact center technology.

Improve Performance and Efficiency

The AI system has processes in place to prevent callers from being on-hold, and is able to address 90% of the medical transaction rlated queries/provide multiple healthcare services. 

Maximize Hospital and physician staff capacity

To match the right patients to the right speciality doctors to maximize the patient satisfactions and better conversion. The AI system has 200+ parameters to navigate patients realtime and guide 

Maximize infrastructure cost savings

Absorbs overhead costs (benefits training, etc.)

Increasing Productivity of Staff

By Automating the Asking of the right questions, quickly accessing existing systems to confirm doctor's availability/check eligibility, and flagging any issues in the patient record before service is provided. This all reduced the workload of the existing Frontline care teams.

Call to Digital

Shift your healthcare customers away from the contact centre to lower-cost and delightful experience digital channels. Praktice AI technology understands the consumer profile realtime and based on the type of query, the complexity in deciding for the patient and the affinity to digital etc, shifts the leads or patients to a greater experience digital medium.

Improving Patient Experience is #1 strategic priority of hospital executives

Today, consumers have more shopping power.
Like most highly regulated industries, the introduction of the internet and social media have brought retail-orientation to healthcare. Word of mouth is easy. And in competitive markets, patient acquisition is hard. Because for any healthcare system, the competition is not just another healthcare system or clinic. The competition is also the possibility that a consumer simply puts off care. This means hospitals are treating sicker patients plus the need or possibility for a more specialized care is raising.

This intersection of consumer burden and retail-orientation means continuous interaction and engagement are no longer optional for Healthcare organizations. Expectations have changed and healthcare will be held to the same standard of delivery as any other service.

Praktice: A Complete System for Patient Flow Automation

Combining the technologies like 

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Behavioral Science

  • Data Science

To navigate right care options at each step in the care journey while delivering your financial objectives.