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Helping your patients connect with your clinical services at scale, faster 

Use the power of AI to guide your patients, navigate to the right care setting, booking appointments with the right care provider, documenting patient summary and automating intakes.

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HC Healthcare 24x7

Navigating 6.8 Million patients to the right care at the right time


The Intelligent Care Navigation platform

The holistic care navigation from medical to operational and financial navigation to emulate how your staff had been navigating with the power of AI.

Medical Navigation

Operational Navigation

Financial Navigation

Analyzing 12 million anonymized call centre queries our Data Scientists found that frontline assistance queries can be categorised into thousands of medical intent types some of which are showcased here >

But most digital front door technologies do not handle anything past just some symptoms which is less than 4.8% of the overall queries, making them ineffective. 

With Praktice AI's robust Medical AI patients get guidance 98% of the times maximising the digital self navigation and conversion

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Medical Navigation

With the propriatory medical algorithms to understand the patient query, multiple intents in the query, triage and probe the patient to understand the medical need better to match with the right care type, provider or service


  • Largest Clinical Taxonomy, 37 million nodes to our clinical graph

  • Robust Medical Intent classification

  • Triaging and Probing

  • Typos auto correction

  • 17 + Languages


Operational Navigation

Praktice BI Intelligence layer emulates the way hospitals typically navigate their patients

Business driven care decisions considering factors like:


  • Employed doctors and Affiliate doctors 

  • Variations on payer contracts and the reimbursement protocols

  • Locations

  • Open schedules + not open schedules of providers 

  • Different care setups and their utilisation rate

  • + 40 other factors

a real-time algorithmic way to make these matches in

such a way that achieve your heathcare organisational goals

Highest value care for each and every patient 24x7/365
It's personalized care. And it's one of the reasons Praktice AI's patient satisfaction is 12x the industry average.


Financial Navigation

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Not only procedure charges, provide Price range connected with the exact medical need, insurance and copay check of the patient in a conversational format to your existing and potential patients. 


Increase the chances of consultation bookings, procedure bookings and selecting services at your health system

Happy, Informed Patients = A Healthy Revenue Stream

Intelligence in Authorizing


One of the greatest barriers in patient access, engagement, and navigation is authorization. 

Praktice AI algorithms optimise for the moments when an authorisation from the patient is needed and when care team authorisation is needed. Maximizing the patient experience without compromising the

human touch and keeping care teams in loop

Digital AI COVID -19 Screening for scheduled appointments

Praktice's COVID-19 Virtual Triage supports clinical efforts to pre-screen ambulatory patients, contain novel coronavirus, and provide remote care for at-risk individuals

  • Screen Scheduled patients

  • Document patient's Flu or COVID related symptoms

  • Send Alerts to your team


Easy plugin with EMR

Praktice AI integrates with leading practice management systems and EHRs like Epic, Athena health, Cerner etc
to keep everyone in your team in line with the automated work done, share patient data and streamline workflows for your staff.


Spend more of your time on what matters: caring for your patients

Built to give patients more convenience in every care setting

from 4% to 34%

Digital Appointment scheduling

68 man days

Saved per month
by workflow automation


ROI from right navigation

A technology-first approach to care navigation

Fastest-improving platform

Battle-tested reliability

Intelligent optimizations

We release hundreds of features and improvements each year to help you stay ahead of industry shifts. (On average, we deploy our production API 10x per week.)

Working with over 200 different technology components for each patient conversation, yet our systems operate with 99%+ uptime and are highly scalable. Stripe is certified for HIPAA compliance and maintain highest data security standards.

Our machine learning models train on billions of data points and help increase patient engagement, revenue across conversion, and more.

Attract more patients.
Treat more patients with AI powered workflow automation
Provide personalised experience and boost reputation.

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