Digital AI Assistant for Practices Virtual Assessment, Triage, and
safe patient intake

Waiting it out isn’t an option anymore. Much like large hospitals and health systems, provider practices need a plan, and they need it now. Praktice preVisit COVID-19 screening and smart patient intake is a digital platform offering a complete risk profiling of patients which alerts the doctor and the care team on the patient's symptoms to route them for in-person or online care and provide a complete case summary. With screening, resource navigation, and real-time risk assessment all on your side, you’re ready to keep your practice safe through this uncharted time.

Modernise your practice and drive more revenues

Reduce strain on limited healthcare resources

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Reliably navigate to the right care points

Digitally Triage, Navigate, engage and Screen patientsfor COVID-19 at scale, while preserving critical staff resources for in-person care. Rapidly scale patient communications, facilitate arrival plans and drive patient confidence for in-person care

Predict and personalise care for your patients

Get the digital AI Assistant for your practice which provides the critical data for providing the best personalised care by helping you know the patient beforehand. To prepare in advance, Improving word of mouth and gain more revenues.


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COVID Screening Module

Smart Patient Intake

Digital AI Assistant for 



Practice modernising suite Available as Chrome Extension or can be integrated with your scheduling 

*all prices in USD

$20 per month
4 month free trial 
(or till dec 2020 whichever is earlier)

$1 per patient
billed monthly

$2 per patient
billed monthly

Appointment booking Chatbot (

COVID-19 Screening for scheduled appointments

Care Routing Alert teleconsult or in-person

Risk profiling summary as email, SMS to patient and provider

Dynamic History of present Illness

Dynamic Family History, Drug History as per the medical context

Insurance check 

Integrations with APIs of PMS / Scheduling system (optional)

Patient intake summary as email to care teams

Precautions for in-person care

Digital Check-in

$100 one time

Followup patient Triage

Digital payment link

3.8% of the transaction

Contactless patient intake

Proven solution to automate workflows for practices


clinically-validated Patient Screening to increase the number of patients you can treat per hour

Can also be linked with your scheduling systems and EMRs to 
provide more flexibility

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