Navigating the healthcare system is a complex maze 
from finding the right care provider, choosing from different care options like urgent care, retail etc, managing the preferences for a specific treatment, the in-network provider coverages, etc. Hospitals spend Billions on the operational workforce to navigate patients at each step and less than 20% of this patient-facing workforce has enough medical background to navigate appropriately. Increasing the cost of service in healthcare, yet with lower outcomes.

Praktice provides an AI powered Care Navigation technology for hospitals to guide patients to the right care options, enables better care outcomes and improve efficiency for care teams.


We help patients to get back into the best of their health by care navigation pre, between and post consultation phases


We work with not for profit and for-profit health systems to automate navigating their potential and existing patients. Increasing revenue, care utilization and drive profitability


We work with public health systems to help them make care more accessible for the citizens

We are the AI Engine behind the patient interactions of some of the biggest hospitals in the world. We are a team of Doctors, Data Scientists and Machine Learning developers driven by the vision of transforming care in hospitals globally using speech recognition, medical NLP and RPA.