Care Navigation Technology 

Praktice incorporates symptom checking to navigate your patients to the right care options. Proven to increase fees for service with the same staff and driving top line.
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Hospital AI assistant

To improve care experience and outcomes

Praktice AI powered platform that orchestrates and personalizes multi-channel patient communications and supporting workflows to enhance the patient experience and drive better outcomes. The AI operates just as your own employee and navigates your patients to the best suitable and preferred providers, services and facilities at your clinic and hospital.

Powered by Medical natural language understanding, medical triaging, operational AI, Insurance intelligence, Voice and Image recognition technologies to navigate care for the patients. Our AI system leverages the systems and tools you already have in place to intelligently automate and scale your operations. 

Integrates with your organization's Systems 

Technology which drives incremental revenues while replacing the operational workload of the staff right from frontline to administrative, care coordinators, doctors to marketing teams.

With intelligence built-in for reports collection based on the patient's context, interviewing like a physician, referral management via image recognition, triage based symptom collection, urgency, and emergency identification etc. Our technology is trained to think cognitively and make complex decisions faster, and more accurately than human employees

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A fully integrated suite of care navigation products for healthcare

Our technology is built for healthcare groundup. We at Praktice are obsessed about patient experience, improving care access and reducing healthcare workforce burnouts. Worked with several top hospitals in India.
Which is why we've built the all in one suite in the most accessible technologies like phone lines, websites, sms, etc for providing this assistive intelligence to reach to maximum leads or patients of your health system from Day 1.

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Medical Intelligence and triaging ability
Operational Understanding
Seamless Interoperability
Out of Box Security

Your Health System's Marketing Technology

Increasing Topline


Each patient's medical need is different and so is their care journey. Our contextual medical AI solution is trained  to understand patient's medical concerns and hospital operational processes to navigate patients to the right care path, realtime 24/7/365

Increase high value bookings

Monetize your website by enabling in-network consumer shopping by relevance to their medical need, price, quality, availability, and patient satisfaction rankings for all in-network providers offering a chosen service. 
Drive new, commercial patient acquisition by providing a fully digitized and unified user experience while leveraging existing EMR, caregiver and brand investments

More Lead Conversions

Better engagement driving greater revenues.By converting 24 % more leads; way more than humanly possible (5%). Which means more footfall at zero additional operational cost. Our AI navigates care at all the steps of the patient journey pre, between and post consultations. 

Engage your patients with Modern convenient tools

Compared to human workforce alone, Praktice AI solution has proven to engage patients at 12x on the websites causing lesser bounces, increased retention time and conversion 

Augmenting the work of care teams to drive productivity and

operational cost savings

On one hand, health systems are spending billions annually to manage the operations, which is set at a 20% growth every year while on the other side, care management teams are burdened today more than ever feeding/fetching in data from the systems. The answer is quite obvious, to increase self-service; but how do we then still drive the personalization? Our AI Assistant has been designed to deliver personalized care based on 100s of parameters in a patient's medical context.

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Save over 140 manhours every day

With the Hospital AI Assistant, it is equivalent to hiring 14 -18 full time staff for varied roles like frontline care team, patient coordinator, and administrative workforce all with the medical capabilities of a Doctor. Saving you millions on infra and training costs.

Drives context from

your existing systems

We sit on top of existing legacy systems to break down data silos and drive contextual patient interactions

  • Rapid, scalable implementation

  • Seamless data capture and integration saves staff time and facilitates more meaningful patient-provider encounters

Leading Healthcare organizations choose Praktice

Proven success in Autonomous Care Navigation


New Patient encounters

​Convert more patients by providing powerful patient's medical context understanding tech, physician search and scheduling on all patient access points. Improve Incremental Revenues and and improve the ROI on your marketing campaigns


Savings per encounter

Automating compassionate answering, helping in care decisions, registrations, patient intake, and more. Saving several manhours in coordinating care and administrative tasks. 
Increasing care handling capacity.


Net Promoter Score

Based on the Health system's independent data collected through patient surveys. Interacting with 8 million patients so far the AI assistant profiles the patients realtime to cater to their needs.


In Downstream Revenue

observed in the number of shoppable procedure bookings in just months of launch with the retail-like and personalized experience for healthcare consumers


AI technology to convert transactions into long term relationships

Get in touch to enable the AI Patient Management technology for your healthcare organization. Or learn more on our Implementations
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Zero data needed from health systems or hospitals 

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Easy plug in for web, apps and phone lines 

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Complete customisation   

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Secure and Easy deployment